Bathroom sanitary ware, the best choice

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Hygienic pot And bidet these are a few essentials in the bathroom at home. It is not only a question of hygiene and comfort, but also the necessary respect for compliance of hygienic buildings. The sanitary facilities, even if they are laid after the tiling, must be chosen before the start of the work. You will need to carefully consider, in addition to the costs, the spaces available and the type of connection to the systems required.

Geberit iCon sanitary ware

The choice is not simple, it requires a careful evaluation from a technical and aesthetic point of view. The advantageous products, even from an economic point of view, are those of the range Geberit icon. The large international company Geberit, known for being at the forefront of sanitary technologyproduced in Gaeta, on the site that was once of Pozzi and Ginori, quality sanitary ceramics. The different models of the house are the result of the perfect integration of technological innovation, aesthetics and functionality.

On the ground or suspended?

The types of “floor” or “suspended” toilets are those among which you will have to make a first choice. The bathroom series Geberit icon is a range of ceramics and bathroom furniture with contemporary lines that satisfies all preferences or design requirements, thanks to the availability of sanitary in suspended version and on the floor.

Suspended toilets.

In the case of suspended sanitary ware, toilet and bidet are anchored to the wall by means of brackets applied to the wall before it is covered with tiles. The typology of suspended sanitary ware it is visually lighter. It gives a greater width to the perceived space and, by leaving the floor space free, greatly simplifies the cleaning of the floor.

Geberit iCon sanitary ware

THE iCon wall-hung sanitaryware they have a nice minimalist design and are made with durable materials. Obtained from the mixture of high quality materials fired at 1210-1230°C, the very shiny glassy china, will remain so for a long time! It’s thanks to technology Rimlessinnovative rinsing in a rimless bowl, with low water consumption and greater hygiene.

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Sanitary bathroom on the floor.

THE standard sanitary facilities they are those of the “ground” type, that is to say fixed to the ground for greater stability. THE Geberit iCon floor models they have modern and functional shapes. It is thanks to a flush with the wall which consists in anchoring the toilet to the wall without leaving any space between the toilet and the wall. This is to the advantage of aesthetics and also improves cleaning which becomes easier to achieve.

Geberit iCon sanitary ware

The models of flush-to-the-wall sanitary ware represent the pinnacle of design. In Geberit iCon sanitary appliances, design is seamlessly integrated with functional innovations.

Again the toilet bowl is rimlessi.e. without the edge overlap, therefore equipped with the system Rimless. As well as those suspendedI flush-to-the-wall toilet bowls they are accompanied by a duraplast wraparound seat, high performance and very hygienic material. This is equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel hinges and can also be fitted with soft-closing on request.

The space needed.

A recommendation: pay attention to the size of the toilets to correctly place the WC and bidet couple, you must add 20 cm to their dimensions between the two toilets, as well as on the extreme sides. In addition, 55-60 cm of space will be required in front of them. Also take into account that for the positioning of the toilet bowl, the position of the drain column it is binding. If you wish to change your seat, you will need to check if this is possible 1% link slope.

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Aesthetics and functionality.

The clean line of Geberit iCon sanitary ware it is ideal for any type of furniture, from classic to modern. The toilets have refined shapes perfect for those who love a simple and comfortable bathroom.

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