Bed with container: Prado Bahia or Marlena?

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In modern life, the reduction of spaces has revolutionized the way of arranging environments, focusing on versatile and space-saving solutions, which can combine style and functionality. This last result can be achieved in the room by inserting a bed with container, such as those proposed by Tomasella. They are systems with a traditional structure, equipped with a bed frame that hides the container, where blankets, linens, clothes and items can be stored, helping to keep the bedroom tidy and at the same time to pull make the most of the area under the bed.
Tomasella, always attentive to the needs of modern life, offers container beds with an exclusive design, designed to be easily inserted into any context, in order to improve its usability and comfort. Prado, Bahia or Marlena are the container bed systems to focus on to have a welcoming and organized bedroom.

Modern and elegant Prado bed with container

the Prado bed shows up with a slightly curved wooden headboard that reaches the floor, a structure with a bed frame in leather, eco-leather, eco-leather or fabric and a large and spacious compartment, which hides under the net. Customizable in the finishes, it is characterized by essential shapes, attention to detail and is suitable for those who want to create rooms with an unmistakable style and in step with the times.

Bahia: bed system with contemporary storage compartment

Geometric shapes e refined but essential styleexalted by light cuts that highlight the headboard becoming a design element that fulfills a need and instills a relaxing atmosphere in the environment. There are many finishes to choose from, as well as sizes offered to meet different style and space needs.

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Marlena: a design that does not go unnoticed

A design that does not go unnoticed thanks to the particular upholstered headboard with the presence of vertical seams is the characteristic of the double bed with container Marlenawhich wisely combines the search for a harmonious aesthetic with the possibility of choosing a wide range of finishes and coatings.

Whatever the final choice, the result will always be a piece of furniture made in Italy that combines the highest functionality and organization of spaces with the beauty of the lines that catches the eye at first glance.

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