Best Alcatel Idol 4s – [2022] (Purchase guide)

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Best Alcatel Idol 4s

Finding the right alcatel idol 4s is not easy as there are so many brands on the market. With our help, you can save time. Read the list of best alcatel idol 4 below to find the best model for your needs.

On this site, you can find the list of best alcatel idol 4s. If you find something you like, you can immediately request it from the market. Your alcatel idol 4s will be delivered directly to your home!

These are the first 3 Alcatel Idol 4 of 2021

  1. Navitech 5.2A car charger
  2. Ks-trade For Alcatel Idol 4s
  3. KS-Trade wallet case
Warning! Don’t buy alcatel idol 4 before reading it! Click to read.

Notes for finding the best Alcatel Idol 4s

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At this point we will consider the 3 best Alcatel Idol 4 of 2021

№ 1. Navitech Car Charger 5.2 AMP (5200mah) 3 Port Micro Usb For Smartphones Including Alcatel Idol 4s Idol 4

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


Brand: Navitec 564
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The intelligent IC chip recognizes a fully charged battery inside and automatically enters power saving mode to prevent overcharging and short circuiting. Please note that the product is dispatched from the UK and should be delivered within 10 working days. VAT included – 24 month warranty. High quality 5.2 amp charger to charge three devices at the same time.


5.2 amp charger

The smart ic chip inside recognizes


I didn’t find a single downside.

what are your comments?

We consider so many factors that it’s almost impossible to tell you about all of them. Believe me, we did a very good job. The price, hardware, user score and other characteristics of alcatel idol 4s were used to create this TOP-10 list. We have tried our best to help you choose the best alcatel idol 4s!

№ 2. Ks-trade For Alcatel Idol 4s Windows Earphone Smartphone Cover Protective Case Slim Flipstyle Cover Protective Case Wallet Book Style Case Wallet Etui

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


Brand: KSTrade 269164-Alcatel-Idol 4S Windows 0.7 x 7.5 x 15.4cm 40.8g
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Cell Phone Case with Bumpers and Extra Compartments: The cell phone case has a compartment stand function and extra bumpers for 100% full protection (see photo). Case for alcatel idol 4s windows: the case is made of high quality leatherette, the smartphone case is elegant (see picture). The bookstyle protective case allows easy removal: removing the phone from the wallet case is possible at any time via the button (see photo). The set contains headphones / in-ear headphones with microphone and volume control, white.

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The wallet case protects the camera: The camera is protected in the closed protective case. Rotate the phone in the case to use the camera (see photo).


Book-style protective case allows for easy removal

The guard saw

The set contains headphones / earphones


The product is difficult to buy due to the low number of official sellers.

№ 3. KS-Trade 2in1 Mobile Phone Wallet Case for Alcatel Idol 4s Windows + Brown Book Bumper Protective Earphones (1x)

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


Brand: KSTrade 266115-Alcatel-Idol 4S Windows 0.7 x 7.5 x 15.4cm 40.8g
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The set contains headphones / in-ear headphones with microphone and volume control, white. Phone case with camera protection: To use the camera, you can rotate the model, model, inside the case. This will expose the camera. Mobile phone case with bumpers and extra compartments: The mobile phone wallet case has many extra compartments for banknotes, coins, cards, etc. Protective Case with Bumper: Alcatel idol 4s windows store in the cell phone pocket of the case with a removable bumper. All connections and buttons are freely accessible in this wallet case.

HIGH QUALITY FOLDING CASE: The leatherette of the flip case is of the highest quality. The grain of the artificial leather is inspired by natural cowhide leather.


phone cover

The set contains headphones / earphones

Protective case


Cannot be used as a universal product.

What should be the warranty period of a good alcatel idol 4s?

You must buy alcatel idol 4s brands with user-friendly warranty policy. The trusted manufacturers of alcatel idol 4s provide a warranty period of two years or more. You won’t have any problems in the event of a breakdown: simply bring the broken product to the service center for replacement or repair.

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I wonder if buying alcatel idol 4s online is safe?

Why should there be cause for concern? There is no risk in buying an alcatel idol 4s on the internet, because you can always get your money back from Amazon. You can also check a seller’s reputation to make sure that your alcatel idol 4s is delivered without problems.

What if I receive the wrong item instead of the alcatel idol 4s I ordered?

If you were unlucky to get a wrong or damaged product, please use international email or phone to contact Amazon’s customer support team. They will help you get your money back or get the correct alcatel idol 4s.

How to get a refund for an alcatel idol 4s on Amazon?

If you receive an incorrect or broken alcatel idol 4s, Amazon will force the seller to return your money or a replacement. No need to worry about refunds thanks to the amazing customer service policy!

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