Best Behr Cabinet Paint Colors to Consider in 2022

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The famous color brand Behr couldn’t help but come up with its own paint color palette for cabinets. Primarily for the kitchen, but suitable for cabinetry in the bathroom, laundry room or other spaces too, the range of shades impresses with its variety, including good old time-tested variations and new splashes, both of which promise a trendy effect for years to come. Consider a makeover in 2022 and stay on trend for years to come with one of the paint colors on offer.

Let’s get straight to the point! Instead of revealing paint colors one by one in a common list, we’d like to separate them by categories so you can easily find the one that suits your preference, and a little bonus – a quick review of the exceptionally popular paint colors of this genre in 2022 at the end of the list. Attention: The best cabinet paint colors ranked by mood and style!

Best paintings by mood

calm down with Silky White PPU7-12

Close to the category of true shades of white, this declination offers a slightly creamy perspective on white. The paint color itself is a designer favorite due to its ability to not look but feel silky, meaning a subtle warm feel, which is welcome in interiors contemporaries. When applied to kitchen cabinets, it requires gold hardware to enhance the warm effect, which in combination with a marble countertop works perfectly for a kitchen that has a bit of both worlds – traditional and modern.

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Dramatic with Carbon N520-7

Despite its resemblance to black, Carbon is a very dark shade of gray. You can also see it as a black variation covered with a slight haze effect, noticed when the color is applied to a surface. When working with this shade in the kitchen, designers suggest pairing it with silver hardware to maintain its intriguing appearance and let the mystery prevail. It is indeed a bold option and will surely create a dramatic environment, although it definitely requires a light background.

Versatile with Ultra Pure White 1850

The whitest of all shades of white, Ultra Pure White is a perfect definition of a true shade of white, gravitating slightly towards the cool side. It’s very light, refreshing and stretchy, while its clean base makes it a great companion for various design approaches. As versatile as it is, when integrated into the kitchen it likes to be combined with silver hardware to preserve its relatively cool nature for a streamlined effect.

invite with Casual Khaki N300-3

This medium paint color reveals warm yet balanced hints of tan with a soft look that is able to harmonize the interior with just one touch. Therefore, you can safely apply it to lower cabinets only, combining them with white upper cabinets, or opt for an all-khaki kitchen. Also, consider texture if your interior lacks it, but definitely opt for brass hardware to maintain the inviting feel.

Cabinet Paints by Style

laid back with Swiss Coffee 12

One of Behr’s most popular white paint colors, Swiss Coffee, impresses with its warm base, slightly touched with an airy effect and permeated with almost imperceptible yellow notes that hide behind its attractive look. Already a classic, it can be safely applied to kitchen cabinets in an all-white interior or diluted with a few touches of brass to enhance the soft effect.

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Contemporary with Dark Everglade HDC-CL-21A

Very dark green with a natural base that brings the outdoors inside. Seemingly devoid of undertones but covered in a slightly hazy surface, this paint color offers a neutralized perspective on the vibrant green and makes it a perfect hue for a modern interior that looks stylish and brings something unique. We suggest opting for silver hardware to keep the contemporary look cool. Still, a few drops of gold on things like pendants wouldn’t spoil the image if you want to embrace elegance.

Classic with Cameo White MQ3-32

This pleasing shade of white with tiny drops of softness and a slightly distressed effect is the perfect classic shade of white that works exceptionally well in traditional interiors. Feel free to add a few touches of gold to embrace the vintage values ​​and preserve the warm notes that this paint color exudes.

Top 6 trending cabinet paints in 2022

As promised, we’d like to reveal the hottest cabinet paint colors in 2022 that you can’t go wrong with. Get ready for a touch of inspiration, from neutrals to the most daring variations!

  • Jojoba N390-3 – medium mint green with a fairly neutralized base diluted with a few particles of gray for a modern approach slightly touched by liveliness;
  • Toasted Gray N320-2 – a medium variation of gray gravitating towards the light side with attractive hints of slightly perceived beige for a new perspective on the reference gray color;
  • Silver Bullet N520-2 – an apparently true gray, but slightly penetrated by a trace of lavender with the most pleasant soft and warm scents to offer the interior a touch of gray with summer scents for a unique approach;
  • Spring stream PPU12-07 – a vibrant green variation replicating a lightly neutralized teal to make a statement while staying within limits;
  • Aqua Green M420-2 – an impressively beautiful green with a brilliant base and exceptionally saturated notes, resembling a light blue shade, slightly penetrated with green for an original cabinet paint with an irreplaceable effect;
  • Wasabi M340-4 – a delightfully vibrant shade of green with inviting hints of yellow that radiate positivity and fit exceptionally well into traditional interiors.
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