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Best ddr3l-sdram

Finding the right ddr3l-sdram is not easy because there are so many brands in the market. With our help, you can save time. Read the list of best ddr3l-sdram below to find the best model for your needs.

We use Amazon to create the best ddr3l-sdram list. This site was chosen for several reasons. More importantly, it is one of the best online stores with lots of customer reviews and a handy comparison feature. All ddr3l-sdrams in our list are available on this site.

5 Best DDR3L-SDRAMs of 2021

  1. Crucial 8GB Single DDR3L 1600MTs
  2. Patriot Memory Signature Series SODIMM 8GB DDR3 1600MHz PC3-12800 Low Voltage Single Memory
  3. MTXtec working memory 4 GB RAM
  4. Walmeck- NB DDR3L 4GB 1600MHz 1.35V Memory
  5. TOOGOO DDR3 2GB DDR3 1600MHz 1333MHz SO-DIMM DDR3L Memory DDR3 1.35 1.5V Sdram Memory

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So we are going to write about the three best DDR3l-sdram of 2021

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№ 1. Crucial 8 GB Single DDR3L 1600 MTs (pc3l-12800) Unbuffered Udimm Memory Ct102464bd160b

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


Visit the Crucial Store CT102464BD160B 13.4 x 0.1 x 3.1cm 13.6g
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Increase desktop computer performance. Check the compatibility of this product with your computer before purchasing it. 100% tested modules for high reliability. Compatible with systems from major computer manufacturers. Available with ddr to ddr4 memory technology.


Modules 100% tested

Increase desktop performance

№ 2. Patriot Memory Signature Series SODIMM Low Voltage Single Memory DDR3 1600MHz PC3-12800 8GB (1x8GB) C11, Psd38g1600l2s

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


Brand: Patriot Memory PSD38G1600L2S 0.3 x 6.7 x 3cm 9.07g
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8 GB memory module with so-dimm form factor for laptops, notebooks and PCs. Expanding your laptop’s working memory usually results in a big performance boost. Patriot Memory Signature 1.35V low voltage memory modules have a latency cl: 11. Modules 100% tested for increased reliability.


Modules 100% tested

Memory expansion

The bad

It may be too heavy for some people.

№ 3. MTXtec 4 GB RAM for Asus F550l

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


Brand: MTXtec B555332 6.8 x 3 x 0.3cm 9.07g
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Pin count: 204 pin / dual channel / voltage: 1.35V lv (low voltage function for less heat generation and quieter computer operation, also usable in 1.5V slot. Memory expansion Mtxtec 4GB (4096MB) (maximum 16GB. 2 slots), compatible for asus f550l Chip type: ddr3 sodimm, so-dimm / storage clock: pc3-12800 1600mhz / 1.6ghz Mtxtec RAM is developed and produced in cooperation with German memory specialist compustocx mtxtec memory for notebooks and laptops stands for reliability, 100% compatibility and top performance Only high quality chips from hynix, micron, elpida, spectec or even samsung (sec ) (subject to availability).

Memory size/capacity: 4GB.


4GB Mtxtec memory expansion

Number of pins

Mtxtec RAM is developed

Memory size/capacity

№ 4. Walmeck- NB DDR3L 4GB 1600MHz 1.35V Memory for Laptop Pc Ram Memory Low Power Consumption

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


Brand: Walmeck 12.8 x 7.6 x 1.5cm
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Original conservation particles. The original storage particles are rigorously tested to ensure their stable compatibility and normal use. Fast running speed and improved software speed. Faster running speed, for fast game loading, improved bitrate and improved download speed, lower latency. With better software speed, for office design, gaming, shopping, etc., and excellent multitasking capabilities, to meet your different needs. 1600MHz working frequency, with notable improvement in bandwidth and working efficiency, specially designed for notebook computers. The memory bank incorporates the high-density module suitable for multiple systems and widely compatible with various laptops.

1.35V meets the low voltage standard. The memory bank ensures high frequency and performance, while limiting the operating voltage to 1.35V, to reduce power consumption and reduce heat, to extend life and improve stability .


Fast operating speed

High density module

1.35v compliant

The bad

Not suitable for everyone due to specific construction.

What should I do if I receive an incorrect item instead of my ddr3l-sdram?

If you were unlucky to get a wrong or damaged product, please use international email or phone to contact Amazon’s customer support team. They will help you get your money back or get the correct ddr3l-sdram.

№ 5. TOOGOO DDR3 2GB DDR3 1600MHz 1333MHz SO-DIMM DDR3L DDR3 Memory 1.35 1.5V Sdram Laptop Memory (2GB 1333)

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


Brand: TOOGOO 78254A1
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Hard disk/flash memory vendors use decimal arithmetic: 1MB 1000KB. 1g 1000MB, but the operating system uses binary arithmetic: 1MB 1024KB. 1GB 1024MB. So there are differences between display capacity and nominal capacity of hard disk/flash memory products. However, it may exist. Do not doubt its authenticity. Whether they are general users, gamers or computer enthusiasts, they can feel that taisu memory improves computer performance. Each memory through the various types of manual testing, allows the product to be used in different application environments, can provide users with high-performance, high-stability computing experience.

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Each memory through the different types

Be it


The bad

Not suitable for long work.

It’s too short

How did you compile the best ddr3l-sdram list?

We consider so many factors that it’s almost impossible to tell you about all of them. Believe me, we did a very good job. Price, hardware, user score and other characteristics of ddr3l-sdram were used to create this TOP-10 list. We’ve done our best to help you choose the best ddr3l-sdram!

What are the price limits for decent ddr3l-sdram?

Price is a very important factor for any ddr3l-sdram. In general, the higher the cost, the better its quality. However, we recommend that you consider all features of a ddr3l-sdram. There are many models with an average price that can compete with the more expensive options.

Isn’t it dangerous to buy ddr3l-sdram on the internet?

Buying ddr3l-sdram online is absolutely safe! In fact, it can be even safer than buying them from a local store because you don’t have to leave the house. Also, if you receive a defective item, you can always get a refund or a replacement.

How much money do I need to buy the best ddr3l-sdram?

Obviously a good ddr3l-sdram can’t be very cheap. If you want to buy a decent product, you shouldn’t try to save money on it. We recommend ordering the top models from our best ddr3l-sdram list if you can afford it.

How long is the warranty for a decent ddr3l-sdram?

If you don’t want to buy a new ddr3l-sdram or spend your money every time it malfunctions, consider a model with a good warranty period. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of resources to repair or replace the purchase.

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