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Best Portable Vhf

There is no need to worry about the accuracy of our list of the best portable vhfs. Our team has gone to great lengths to create a completely unbiased review list. We compare factors of each portable vhf like hardware, weight, price, number of customer reviews and many more details. We’re open to suggestions, so feel free to email us if you think you’ve missed something.

In our opinion, our site is one of the best places to buy portable vhfs online. For this review, we researched the opinions of hundreds of users around the world. We used the reviews to complete our list of the best portable vhfs.

Our choice: the best portable Vhf of 2021

  1. Baofeng UV-5R Plus 2M 70cm 136-174 400-480
  2. Radioddity GA-2S 16 Channel UHF Transceivers Long Range Rechargeable Handheld Walkie Talkie
  4. Baofeng GT-3TP Mark III Walkie Talkie VHF UHF Professional Walkie Talkie Transceiver

Check out the final results for Portable Vhf

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So we are going to write about the three best portable VHF of 2021

№ 1. BaoFeng UV-5R Plus 2M 70cm 136-174 400-480 Dual Band Handheld Walkie Talkie 2013 New Version UV-5r Plus Instructions

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


baofeng UV-5R Plus 481g
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Backlit screen in 3 different colors: yellow, blue and purple; moreover, the battery is very powerful: up to 24 hours of autonomy. 128 channels, 50 ctcss frequencies, 104 selectable dcs codes, 1750hz repeater tone. ; power: 1w / 5w, range from 3 to 6km. Ideal for outdoor activities and for use in large industrial and professional environments such as airports, stadiums, hunting, warehouses, factories. It also integrates all the essential functionalities, such as: the scan function and the tot function. Vox function for hands-free communication, alarm function (emergency). Baofeng uv-5r plus are two-way handheld radios operating in the vhf and uhf radio bands respectively.


It also includes all the essential features

Baofeng uv-5r plus are portable two way radios that work

128 channels 50 ctcss frequencies 104 selectable dcs codes

Backlit screen in 3 different colors


It is flawless in every aspect.

What happens if I receive the wrong item instead of the portable vhf I ordered?

If you were unlucky to get a wrong or damaged product, please use international email or phone to contact Amazon’s customer support team. They will help you get your money back or get the right portable vhf.

№ 2. Radioddity GA-2S 16 Channel UHF Transceivers Long Range Rechargeable Handheld Walkie Talkie for Operator Safety with USB Charging System + Dual Headset (2pcs)

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


Radioddity GA-2S 3x6x12cm 771 grams
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USB Charging: The GA-2S is equipped with a USB desktop charger and an internal micro USB port for easy charging anywhere. TURN ON AND USE: The GA-2s have been programmed to the same frequencies (16 channels) so they’re ready to go right out of the box (check your local regulations). It also supports programming via PC with chirp software and radioddity via cable. Extended operation and autonomy: the 1500mah lithium-ion battery allows up to 96 hours of use (depending on use), coverage of approximately 2-4km depending on the obstacles between the two radios.

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Vox function: the activated vox function will give the possibility of communicating without any manipulation of the walkie, but it will be activated thanks to the sound of the voice. Solid and durable construction: the small size of the ga-2s allows multiple applications in different fields (commercial, amateur, public service and personal use).


Solid design

Voice function

USB charging

Extended operation and autonomy

Turn on and use


It’s too easy to scratch.

№ 3. BAOFENG GT-3TP GT 3TP Mark III, 1 piece

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


baofeng GT-3TP 10×5.2×3.2cm 599g
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GT 3TP Mark III is an upgraded version of Power GT Mark II with tri: High/Medium/Low Power (Wide)/Narrowband (Narrow), High/Low Power (5W/1W) settings. Frequency range: 65 108 MHz (commercial reception only) radio fm, vhf / uhf (rx / tx). The package includes a car charger and a high gain antenna. Optimal sql regulation, excellent tx/rx power tube modulation, true 8w power output, up to 11km effective range 128 channels 50 ctcss and 104 dcs.


Frequency range

Gt 3tp mark iii is an upgraded version of power gt mark ii with tri

Optimal sql regulation

The package includes a charger


The build quality is terrible.

The warranty period is hilarious.

Is it safe to buy portable vhf online?

Why should there be cause for concern? There is no risk in buying a portable vhf on the internet because you can always get a refund from Amazon. You can also check a seller’s reputation to ensure that your portable vhf is delivered without problems.

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№ 4. Baofeng GT-3TP Mark III Walkie Talkie VHF UHF Professional Walkie Talkie Transceiver (gt-3tp)

Globally Brand Model Dimensions Mass Details


baofeng 28-020-953 24.6 x 10.4 x 9.7cm 590g
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An upgraded version of baofeng gt-3 radio, “tp” stands for tri-power for high/medium/low 8w/4w/1w transmit power. Frequency range: vhf/uhf, fm: 65 108 mhz; up to 128 memory channels. 50 ctcss and 104 dcs. 1750 hz tone. Ideal for supermarkets, shopping malls, fire departments, festivals, adventures, hotels, factories, construction sites, mountains, driving, restaurants, etc. Wide range up to 11 km; optimal tx/rx power tube modulation; pdf available with instructions in German. GREAT ACCESSORIES: Car charger, you don’t have to worry about low battery anymore; desktop charger.


Great accessory

An improved version



Requires special cleaner.

How long is the warranty for a decent portable vhf?

If you don’t want to buy a new portable vhf or spend your money every time it malfunctions, consider a model with a good warranty period. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of resources to repair or replace the purchase.

Are there any reasons to buy a portable vhf with a lifetime warranty?

The recommended warranty period depends on how often the portable vhf is used, its cost, the company that manufactured it, and many other factors. Manufacturers sell their more expensive products with a lifetime warranty, while the cheapest portable VHF may not have a warranty at all. We believe that the best warranty period for a good portable vhf is five years.

How did you make the list of best portable vhfs?

To create this buying guide, our team had to sift through hundreds of user reviews and compare dozens of portable vhf models and brands. Finding the best portable vhf today is a difficult task: the selection on the market is so high that it would take months to research all the available options. Fortunately, our TOP-10 list will help you find a good portable vhf much faster.

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