Best Sherwin-Williams Cabinet Paint Colors in 2022

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Best Sherwin-Williams Cabinet Paint Colors in 2022

Considering a new paint color for the cabinets is a perfect alternative to a complete makeover. Yet the perfect hue doesn’t just turn out; thorough research, careful examination of your preferences and a little inspiration are necessary. Referring mainly to kitchen cabinets, although some paint colors would definitely go for those in the bathroom, we have analyzed the trendiest interior paint colors that follow the latest trends while offering a new perspective for a touch of uniqueness.

As a renowned paint manufacturer, Sherwin-Williams offers a wide range of color options for any interior approach. Researching its available paint colors on the subject, we came to the idea that irreplaceable neutrals are still the favorite, although darker shades have also been introduced. New on the block are the various shades of blue which also impress with their delicate sophistication when applied to cabinetry. It already looks promising. Wait and see when you discover the color itself! To your attention – the best cabinet paint colors from Sherwin-Williams that promise to stay stylish for years to come.

Clear Neutrals

The all-time option for painting cabinets is definitely light paint colors with a neutral base. Sherwin-Williams impresses with a wide range of paint colours, starting with the finest splashes of white and working through the various shades of gray with warmer and cooler shades to suit all standards. Let’s review the most prominent representatives!

Alabaster SW 7008

The creamy white shade with a neutral beige base and exceptionally soft undertones is a perfect balance between a true white shade and a pure off-white variation. It is neither too austere nor too warm to fit exquisitely into any interior. Alabaster works especially for traditional cabinetry with an impressive effect on farmhouse kitchens. Whether combined with a no less light worktop or a wood texture, it perfectly diffuses the familiar notes of softness for a clean and comfortable interior.

Pure white SW 7005

A stunning shade of white that stays true to its nature without leaning too warm or too cold; another perfect balance of notes. Unlike other variations of the genre that can look too yellow or too blue, this one replicates a sheer hue that has a little on both sides and not too much of each. This paint color shimmers exceptionally in both traditional and modern interiors when applied to cabinetry. Most impressive is its versatility. You can safely opt for an all-white kitchen or consider an accent island, opt for a wood or marble countertop, and consider black metal or steel hardware, depending on the style direction you take.

Alpaca SW 7022

This medium gray hue gravitating slightly to the light side is a lovely greige variation, also considered a taupe hue. It’s those warm taupe notes that make this color a go-to option for cabinetry. It feels lighter when put into practice, especially when paired with white upper cabinets for a relatively traditional approach or white walls for a modern interior. Consider metal hardware for the former and a black countertop for the latter.

Rest Gray SW 7015

Not so far from the previous shade, although not quite as warm, Repose Gray is another favorite. Another balance on our list – this neutral shade is neither too dark nor too light, including the right amount of depth that reveals its intensity appropriately. SW 7015 looks good on its own without additional accents. Still, a black countertop for a modern interior, a marble backsplash for a sleek approach, or a few brass fixtures for a traditional kitchen wouldn’t ruin its look.

Dark Neutrals

If your interior receives an appropriate amount of light and a slightly darker shade is fine, feel free to paint your cabinets a deeper shade and offer a fresh take on neutrals. From medium to dark variations to the darkest shades possible, a balanced play with contrast is what you need to get the most out of these paint colors. Let’s see what the colorists at Sherwin-Williams have in store for us!

Dorian Gray SW 7017

The inspiring mid-tone shade proves that gray always prevails in the interior, regardless of the variation. This one is particularly appreciated because of its light greige notes which prevent any imposing effect, preserving the intriguing aspect for a unique result. Its almost muted surface works amazingly on its own against a light background. Still, a dark gray island paired with white cabinetry seems appropriate for those who find it too imposing. Cabinets painted in Dorian Gray would benefit from an extra touch of brass to complement the interior.

Pepper SW 7674

An impressive shade of dark gray with a neutral base that almost hits the black category, showing a slight bluish undertone. The darker the variation, the more light it needs to reveal its depth and not overload the space. Painting the cabinets entirely in this shade would seem too imposing for even the most daring of minds. We suggest opting for dark gray lower cabinets and white paint for the upper ones. An alternative would be to paint the island in this dark gray variation. The contrast itself is enough to make a statement.

Iron Ore SW 7069

Almost falling into the category of true blacks, Iron Ore impresses with its neutral black notes devoid of additional nuances that reproduce a classic black variation. Although not a true tint, SW 7069 adds an irreplaceable moody effect that designers crave. Additionally, black cabinets have made a big comeback; why not try them and start with iron ore? You can safely opt for an all-black kitchen with an appropriate amount of natural light, although a white backsplash should be considered. Nevertheless, you can always opt for an intriguing black island combined with white cabinets. The real magic happens when Iron Ore is enriched with brass hardware for an unforgettable effect.

blue paint colors

A perfect alternative to the usual white and gray neutrals is the striking blue, which has gained popularity lately. From a mix of gray and blue to the boldest shade of navy blue, this color is ready to conquer your interior and give your cabinets a look you simply won’t get tired of. Let’s be precise!

Thundercloud SW 6249

It is a medium to dark gray blue shade with a cool base that mesmerizes with its deep undertones. This shade is perfect for those who want to add a touch of balanced originality to their interior. Regardless of its accent base, SW 6249 collaborates with black or brass elements, if possible, wood or rattan texture, and all this on a white background while Storm Cloud works exquisitely for cabinetry.

Indigo Batik SW 7602

This bold variation of navy blue is a real find for connoisseurs of marine shades who crave a bit of vibrancy. The sleek dark blue base and slightly luminous undertones of this remarkable shade devoid of added scents is a go-to paint color for a result that delivers nothing but a strong impression. As bold as Indigo Batik is, it requires bold complements, like a sparkling backsplash or metallic hardware. You can opt for an all-blue kitchen or combine SW 7602 with white.

Marine SW 6244

A true shade of navy blue with a deep base and intriguing notes that will not leave you indifferent. Naval shades are an all-time favourite, and SW 6244 is a prominent representative. Its moody and intriguing scents are a real find for contemporary interiors. The real friends of SW 6244 are the white background, the marble countertop or backsplash and the brass hardware. This paint color beautifully combines maritime traditions with modern approaches to a fabulous kitchen.

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