Best wooden case for iPhone 5s [2022] {With Buyer’s Guide}

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Best wooden case for iPhone 5s

We must have tried hundreds of iphone 5s wooden cases and compared them to each other. Our reviewers have looked at every important detail and selected the best iphone 5s wooden case that offers the best specs. Feel free to use our buying guide, but don’t forget to do your research if you want to be sure you’re ordering the right iphone 5s wood case.

In our opinion, our site is one of the best places to buy wooden iphone 5s case online. For this review, we researched the opinions of hundreds of users around the world. We used reviews to round out our list of the best iphone 5s wooden cases.

Table of Contents

The 7 Highest Rated Wooden iPhone 5 Cases of 2021

  1. Compatible with the Kwmobile cover
  2. Cork Cover Compatible Kwmobile
  3. Kwmobile compatible wooden cover
  4. Kwmobile compatible wooden cover
  5. CE-Link cover
  6. Kalibri Compatible Wooden Lid
  7. Rose Flower Iphone Se Iphone 5s
Warning! Don’t buy any wooden case for iPhone 5s before reading it! Click to read.

Test results with notes for Wood Cover Iphone 5s

We should therefore talk about the 3 best iPhone 5s wooden cases of 2021

№ 1. Kwmobile Case Compatible with Apple Iphone SE (1.gen 201 5 5s, Protective Wooden Case, Smartphone Back Cover, Beetle Multicolor Brown

Ladybug on wood: the classic volkswagen is adorned with a uniquely designed bonnet that combines the wood and paint effect. For lovers of retro style with a modern twist. REAL WOOD: The multi-colored/brown walnut hardwood case gives your cell phone a sophisticated vintage design. Being a natural wood product, each piece is unique. Compatibility: Compatible with the following models: Apple iPhone SE (1. Natural Protection: The outer back cover is made from renewable natural materials and gives the phone a modern look. Ports are fully accessible, buttons can be operated comfortably.

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SECURE WITH STYLE: The sleek back cover is tear-resistant and non-slip. The plastic inner part gives stability and protects the smartphone from scratches and bumps.

The best advantages

real wood

Natural protection

Secure with style

Beetle on wood

The best cons

You won’t be able to find a single downside.

What should I do if I received the wrong product I ordered?

You don’t have to worry, because Amazon’s support team will help you get your money back or replace the wrong item with the wooden iPhone 5s case of your choice. Simply contact a support agent and describe your situation to get all the help you need.

№ 2. Kwmobile Cork cover compatible with Apple Iphone Se 5 5s, Protective Backcover, Case Rigid Smartphone Protection

NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL: The back cover is made of light brown cork. The natural material protects your phone from dirt and scratches, while the plastic interior provides stability and a reliable seal. Natural look: the elegant hard cork case gives your phone a touch of class and sobriety. The case stands out for being ultra thin, light and thin, it protects without weighing it down. Stable and Functional: The back cover is sturdy and durable for daily use. Buttons and ports remain easily accessible to ensure total comfort of use.

Compatibility: compatible with the following models: apple iphone se (1. Each piece is unique: the typical wood grain may have irregularities or color variations due to the natural nature of the materials used.

The best advantages

Each piece is unique

Naturally beautiful

natural look

Stable and functional

The best cons

Some users claim that the quality of assembly is very low.

How long is the warranty for a decent iPhone 5s wooden case?

It is recommended that you purchase wooden cases for iphone 5s from brands that offer extended warranties. If something goes wrong and the wooden case of your iPhone 5s breaks, you can fix it without spending a single penny. Most companies offer a two-year warranty for their products.

№ 3. Kwmobile Wood Cover compatible with Apple Iphone Se 5 5s, natural case, hard protective back cover

Natural wood: The hard sapele wood back cover gives the smartphone an original look. In natural material, the characteristics of wood make it a unique product. Ecological: the house is made of natural wood. Smartphone protection that combines premium design with low environmental impact material. Live the Mandala: The geometric design of the case gives your device an ethnic and floral look. Fans of mandalas and symbols of Indian culture are sure to appreciate this uniquely designed blanket. Compatibility: Compatible with the following models: Apple iPhone SE (1.

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Each piece is unique: Cover may have slight variations from photo due to natural wood grain.

The best advantages

long live the mandala

natural wood

Each piece is unique

The best cons

It is made from cheap and flimsy materials.

What did you do to create the TOP-10 list of iPhone 5s wooden cases?

While creating this buying guide, we must have browsed through hundreds of wooden iPhone 5s cases. Our team has compared many products from different brands to find the most optimal model with the best value for money. The goal was to determine which wood case for iphone 5s offers the best value for money and we believe we have achieved it.

№ 4. Kwmobile Wood Cover compatible with Apple Iphone Se 5 5s, natural walnut wood case, hard back cover

Simple and functional: the case fascinates with its sober and minimal style. Walnut wood, dark brown color. Ecologically sustainable: the back cover is made of natural and durable wood. Smartphone protection that combines premium design with low environmental impact material. Natural wood: The hard walnut wood back cover gives the smartphone an original look. In real natural wood, the characteristics of the material make each cover a unique product. Compatibility: Compatible with the following models: apple iphone se (1. Each piece is unique: the case may have slight variations from the one shown in the photo due to the natural grain of the wood.

The best advantages

Each piece is unique

natural wood

Environmentally sustainable

Simple and functional

The best cons

It works well, but the price corresponds to the quality – it is very high.

It has an outdated design.

№ 5. CE-Link Case for Apple Iphone 5 5s Se 360 ​​Degree Full Body Protection, Iphone 5s 3 in 1 Shockproof Shockproof Silicone Case, Iphone Se Cover, Black

Designed specifically for Apple iPhone 5 5S SE, the 3-in-1 luxury plating frame design makes the phone more graceful, stable and easy to install and uninstall. Optimal cutting precision with cutouts for all necessary ports and the camera, speaker and microphone. All connections (speakers, microphone, lightning port, volume keys, power button, camera and flash) can be used freely. The case is so comfortable and comfortable to touch and easy to handle, easy to take off and put on, don’t worry about damaging your cellphone.

All buttons and ports are within easy reach.

The best advantages

Specially designed

All connections

All Buttons

The blanket is so comfortable

The best cons

Its counterparts are cheaper.

№ 6. Kalibri wood case compatible with Apple Iphone Se (1.gen 201 5 5s, premium wood case for mobile phone, case with abstract fragments of plastic part

Geometric style: the geometric pattern with lines and triangles is perfect for those who love minimalist style and follow new trends. Your device becomes a real work of abstract art. EVERY PIECE IS UNIQUE: Real wood products may vary from each other due to typical wood grain and have different types of coloring. Protected in style: this hard case for your mobile phone convinces with its elegant and modern appearance. Protects your smartphone by providing effective protection against accidental bumps and drops. Natural wood effect: the hard bamboo case gives your apple iphone se (1. Gen 201/5/5s a refined design. A natural product, each case is a unique piece. The case also offers a secure fit thanks to its interior in rubberized plastic.

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Embossed surface: the design of your mobile phone case has been produced using the laser engraving technique. The machined surface is thus extremely pleasant to the touch.

The best advantages

Each piece is unique

Embossed surface

Secure with style

Geometric style

Natural wood effect

The best cons

Not suitable for long work.

№ 7. Roseflower Iphone Se Iphone 5s Wooden Case For iPhone 5 Walnut Circle Premium Natural Wood Bamboo Cover With Free Back Screen Protector For Your Smartphone

For ethical and sustainable consumption: because the materials we use are of the highest quality and come from the recovery of industrial processing scraps. Made with laser cutting, engraving and raster with very high precision and craftsmanship. Each skin is unique in its color and grain. Protect your smartphone with this stylish eco-friendly bamboo case. This beautiful case protects your phone optimally from shocks and signs of wear. Made of bamboo/wood, first-class environment friendly. A unique, simple yet elegant design.

Comes with a free screen protector back protector, it’s a great gift.

The best advantages

It is provided

Made of bamboo / wood

For ethical consumption

The best cons

Beginners can run into a lot of trouble with this.

Should I be worried about buying an iPhone 5s wooden case online?

Nowadays, online shopping is completely secure. In fact, it might even be safer to shop regularly, since you don’t have to leave your home to buy the products you need. There is nothing dangerous in buying iphone 5s wooden cases on Amazon. After all, you can always get a refund if you don’t like the model you bought or received it in bad condition.

What should be my main selection criteria when buying an iphone 5s wooden case?

One of the most important factors of any wooden iPhone 5s case is its material. It should be durable and easy to clean. If you want to find a wooden case for iphone 5s that will serve you for many years, you will have to buy an expensive model made from the best materials.

Is there anything special that I should know before buying an iPhone 5s wooden case?

Before you buy it, you can find everything you need to know about any specific wood case for iPhone 5s on Amazon. That’s why we love this marketplace so much: it offers a very affordable website with a “Compare” feature and hundreds of user reviews. Read them to understand if an iphone 5s wooden case is right for you.

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