Bookcases and shelves for the living room: here’s how to choose them.

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Are you looking to furnish the living room? In this article we talk about bookcases and shelves for the living room, modern solutions to organize and beautify your environment. Compare models and types from our catalogue.

Without a doubt, the living room is an environment to be valued in a house, since it is the space most frequented both by those who live in the house and by guests. We could sum up that the living room is a bit like the business card of our house, which is why we attach a lot of importance to its furniture. The way to make the living room a welcoming and personal environment is to enhance it with prestige furniture next to a unique concept and paying the utmost attention to detail. If you are looking for inspiration for bookcases and living room shelves in this article, Tomasella presents 5 modern and trendy proposals.

Furnish a modern living room: shelves and bookcases

The modern living room is an environment minimal which is characterized by simple and clean lines. Therefore, the pieces of furniture may be few in the modern context but are carefully assessed and fascinate precisely for their uniqueness. Contrasts are part of the nature of this style which highlights light furniture with dark walls and vice versa. Bookcases with geometric precision, fitted walls, innovative sideboards and designer coffee tables are some of the elements that will make the modern living room unique.

If you like to read, you will surely like to highlight the books that stole your heart. The library is the ideal place to showcase them. All great reading enthusiasts dream of a great one wall composition to recreate a mini personal library. If you have the necessary space, in the following paragraphs we recommend some models of wall shelves with which you could furnish the living room. No worries, we also have models for those who need to optimize space! We create bookcases in different designs and sizes to suit personal needs.

Shelves are not only used for storing books, but also for showcasing trendy accessories, design objects and personal items of emotional value. Example? Frames with family photos or photos of the most beautiful trips taken with your own hand. Collectible vases, signature prints or arrangements of fresh or dried flowers are also welcome on the shelves.

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Living room shelves: Types and shapes for a personalized environment

For the choice of a library you can vary the forms. You can choose between asymmetric, avant-garde Where linear which will adapt to different contexts such as contemporary, modern, industrial, vintage, Proven├žal and many others. Libraries can be characterized by shapes traditional or more eccentric and imaginative.

Have you ever heard of a tree, herringbone, pyramid, wave or ladder structure? These are all compositions for libraries. Obviously, these particular models are also accompanied by creations with a more classic and linear structure with rectangular, cubic and round shelves.

Rectangular shelves The most suitable form for the shelves of modern furniture is undoubtedly the linear type. Bookcases with square or rectangular compartments, formed by straight shelves, are the most suitable solutions for a living room with a current mold. The rectangular shape allows you to have more space on one side and less on the other, they are the ideal shelves for placing books, photo albums, magazines, CDs and vinyl records.

This composition (A118) is composed of hollow concrete material, matt anthracite material and matt sugar paper lacquer. Rectangular Open Shelves provide the perfect shelving for books and small knick-knacks. Compartments with closed doors, on the other hand, are perfect for storing functional items for the living room such as blankets, pillows, dishes and wine glasses. In the center of the composition stands a large compartment, ideal for housing the TV. The storage units below could become the perfect place to store collectible DVDs, remote controls, game consoles and digital players.

Cubic shaped shelves

Cubic shaped shelves offer the same centimeters in height, depth and length. They become the ideal place to highlight a ceramic vase or a design sculpture by placing it right in the center. Usually shelves of this type are inserted inside a composition, alternating with other forms of compartments such as rectangular, to give movement to the structure.

The A086 composition has several types of shelves joined together to create a unique bookcase. The structure alternates columns at different heights and shelves of different sizes to give movement and dynamism to the whole composition. The cubic shelves are used to highlight a designer lamp, books or electronic devices. You can see the storage units at the base with opaque door, shelves in chalk white open pore material and light knot back. A mix of textures, heights and finishes for a fascinating result.

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Hanging shelves for the living room

Choosing the suspended version of bookcases and shelves is a practical solution for the living room. You could choose this model to optimize space, so for functionality reasons, or for aesthetic preference. The living room looks tidier and “lighter”. The cleaning of the living room will certainly be facilitated by the suspended cabinet. Shelves are attached directly to the wall using brackets and support systems. You can place them at a comfortable height to easily reach the different compartments.

The A121 composition you see in the photo is made of matt mother-of-pearl material, heat-treated oak and sage metal. The whole structure comes out of the ground and is fixed with the right brackets to the wall. Containers with doors at the base alternate with columns with rectangular and cubic shelves that give dynamism. The large central compartment is designed for the television, it can be attached to the back of the bookcase or placed with the base on the bottom bins.

Open shelves

The bookcase is designed with compartments equipped with hinged doors or open shelves. Shelves without doors are perfect for displaying important items or items of emotional value. There are also compositions that do not include a backrest, they are called open or double-sided bookcases. They present a light structure, easier to move and at the same time guarantee an airy result in the environment.

In fact, the structure allows light to pass through, which allows open bookcases to be used also as room dividers. These models are self-supporting, practical and do not require any additional fixing.

This open bookcase (A102) has an anthracite-coloured metal structure with shelves in light concrete and anthracite material. A bookcase that fits perfectly in a modern or contemporary living room, simple and elegant, to be placed in different points of the environment.

You can also use the bookcase to separate two areas of the house in an open space context.

Wall and wall shelves for the large living room

Now let’s move on to solutions for spacious environments. Although a small living room involves sacrifices and compromises, don’t think that furnishing a large space is so simple.

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When you have a large room, you run the risk of having empty or aseptic rooms. The best way to furnish a large living room is probably to structure it with an important wall unit. By choosing a large and equipped composition, the spaces will be filled and the environment can be completed with personal elements.

By choosing a composition like this, you can give character to your loft or spacious living room. The library becomes an essential complement for those nostalgic for paper, the shelves make it possible to highlight books, manuals and encyclopedias, which have now become vintage objects. There is no shortage of shelving with doors to conceal serving dishes, tablecloths and functional accessories for the dining room, and low containers to place the television.

Bookcase with modular shelves

A modular bookcase will allow you to create a complement with a unique taste, adapted to your needs. A brilliant idea to personalize the living room space, but also the other rooms of the house. You can choose the number and type of shelves, the arrangement of the different compartments and the presence or absence of doors. The particularity of these bookcases is the presence of blocks that can be joined or spaced as needed, to obtain a more compact effect or a lighter and more airy result.

Where to place the shelves in the living room

The bookcase is a functional piece of furniture that allows us to organize accessories but at the same time allows us to improve the appearance of the living room from an aesthetic point of view. The open shelves provide visibility to objects placed on its surface, while the containers with door provide shelter to the items stored inside.

You can place the bookcase along the main wall to group all the items of interest such as television, table lamps, decorative accessories, books and technological devices. If you have a lot of functional objects and want to display few accessories, choose an equipped wall, with containers of different sizes arranged harmoniously along the wall.

Another point where to arrange shelves and bookcases is in the central part of the room. You can use an elegant double-sided bookcase to separate two areas of your modern context or to make the environment more lived in and welcoming.

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