Carports, a trendy addition to your garden

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Carports, a trendy addition to your garden

A carport is a place to park your car at home. A carport is a structure consisting of a roof and posts; it can be attached to a garage or a house. Its main characteristic is that it does not have several solid walls, unlike a garage. It does not close or lock. However, it protects your vehicle from bad weather (snow, rain, wind) as well as from the sun’s rays, thus preserving its bodywork.

The different types of carport

There are different types of carports. First of all, a car port can be made of different materials. Wood, aluminum and PVC are the main ones.

Wood is an increasingly popular material because it is aesthetic and ecological. If you have wooden elements in your garden, such as a terrace or a shed, a wooden carport is the right choice for aesthetic coherence in your garden. If you are looking for storage solutions, prefabricated wooden carport garages are an ideal way to protect your car and meet your storage needs at the same time. Wood is a durable and resistant material. To customize it according to your tastes, just paint or stain it and you’re done!

In terms of customization, the aluminum carport also holds up well: manufacturers offer many architectural styles, many color variations and finishing options (matte, glossy, chrome). It is an ideal solution for storing your car if you have a modern style home.

The PVC carport is an economical alternative and can add harmony to your home if you have PVC windows and openings.

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Where to install the carport?

Depending on the configuration of your property and the space or shelter you have, several locations are possible. But be careful, depending on the size of the carport you want and the number of vehicles you need to place in it, you should choose a location with enough space so as not to compromise the look of your garden. This location should also allow you to maneuver freely and have easy access to the road.

You can place your carport against one of the outside walls of your house, in front of your garage if you have one, or at the edge of your property.

It is recommended to choose a place where the ground is flat in order to facilitate its construction but also to arrange it: gravel, asphalt, flagstones: a wide choice is offered to you to carry out this work.

Carports are trendier than garages

Choosing between a garage or a carport is a matter of preference but also of budget. Their design brings a modern touch to your exterior. Customization attracts many owners today. This is especially true for renovations of old houses without garages or for new constructions. More than the aesthetics it offers compared to a garage, the cost is the factor that tips the scales. Since it has no solid walls, a carport requires less work than a garage. It is therefore cheaper. However, if you also need a garage, it may be worth considering combined carport and garage solutions, which will save you money and significantly increase the value of your home.

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