Colored walls, how to choose the right paints

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Paint buckets on the floor

When you decide to home renovationeven when choosing a new piece of furniture, or if you have started work to enter the new apartment you have just bought, one of the most important decisions to be made concerns the colors to paint the walls with.

The password to follow is balanceaccompanied by the best chromatic harmonybut the choices are not always easy to make: the errors in combinations are just around the corner, as is the decision on individual paintings. It’s because there are gods key parameters to consider and which are sometimes neglected or underestimated. The most important of these is certainly the degree of natural light each room can benefit from, all in correlation as obvious for its exposure. In fact, the orientation towards warmer or colder tones depends on it, while another equally important parameter concerns the finishing paint. In the following paragraphs, we will analyze each aspect in detail to provide you with useful tips.

Natural light and exposure assessment

Each of the rooms in your home has a different degrees of natural light coming from balconies and windows, and this, as it is easy to guess, depends ongeographical exposure to the south or north.

Artificial lighting alters our perception of colors, while strength of natural light lies precisely in the guarantee of greater chromatic fidelity: however, everything must also be related to the dimensions of the room in question.

South-facing rooms

In rooms with southern exposure the natural light will be particularly intense and you will have no trouble choosing almost all of them shades of the color spectrum, including the coldest. You will have the green light for all shades you prefer, from green to blue and even navy blue which is so fashionable without the risk of “turning off” the environment or making it unwelcoming. The only precautions on your part should focus onpay attention to the combination with the furniturebecause paints in very warm and bright colors such as yellow or coral red will be multiplied in their intensity by natural light and the furnishing accessories will therefore have the task of softening the effect so as not to make it too exaggerated.

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Rooms facing north

Unlike the rooms to the north they receive less light, and will have, among other things, a color cast tending towards blue.

Whatever shade you choose will be darker and more intense, so you will have to orient yourself on certain light and warm shades able to sublimate the few rays of sunshine that arrive. Some of the more fashionable options include creamy white or icy white, but a very light pearl gray will also be perfect for you. The final touch to which you can devote yourself will then be constituted byartificial lightingcalibrating it well according to the needs and the type of room, but above all avoiding too cold lights on warm colors, which will be more suitable if you opt for light shades of green or light blue.

The finish of the paints: rather glossy or matte?

The other fundamental setting which will compose a harmonious whole is constituted by the finishing paintwhich must be the most appropriate also in correlation with the intended use of the room and not just with colors.

There is a wide distinction between shiny finishes or matte finishes, even if the range of options is widened by a few common grounds which make it possible to achieve interesting results. The scale of values involved is that of glowwhere 1 means opaque and 100 means bright and glossy, with a choice to be made depending on the respective rendering properties with respect to light.

Gloss finish paints

From what has been said so far, it seems clear to us that we gloss finish paint and glazed, precisely because of its higher degree of glowbetter reflects the natural rays of light and is therefore very suitable for north-facing environments in which it is able to multiply the brightness. Even in combination with light colored furniture, although not lacquered to avoid unsightly overlapping of gloss on gloss, the glossier paints will allow you to obtain excellent results, especially if you also know how to play with combinations as in the case of two-tone walls. .

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Paintings with matte finish

The main feature of the paints with a matte finish is to absorb light: with their low luminosity they will therefore go perfectly well in environments facing south, where their darker rendering will be canceled out by natural light and you can therefore also afford to dare a fascinating and “mysterious” color like anthracite gray without the risk of weighing down the environment. However, it should be specified that, if matt paints have the great the merit of appearing more materialthey are both more delicate and less easily washable, so they should be avoided in passageways or in children’s bedrooms.

Creating environments in harmony with the home

the Color scheme on which you decide to print each room of your house will have to be coherent in the overall project: yes, it is right to think for unique environments and for their characteristics and destinations, but for your maximum personal satisfaction, you will also have to put all the different pieces together in a harmonious way.

Colors and paints for the bedroom

Of room excessively bright colors such as orange, yellow and the infinite shades of red must be completely abolished. As the environment is dedicated to rest, and demonstration is expected that colors affect not only mood but also predispositions, you need soothing and soporific shades. So there’s room for all the more restful shades of pink, pearl gray and even a very pale blue: the choice is really endless, with the added possibility of harmonizing the whole thing even better. design a piece of furniture ad hoc then leave a lot of leeway for changes thanks to combinations with textile elements like the curtains, the pillows that decorate the bed and the bedspread itself. In this case, it’s advice we’ve learned from the designers of Tolomello furniturea showroom specializing in the best brands of furnishings in Naples and province that offers a service of consultant in the circle.

Living room colors and paints

In a very active and lived environment of the house like the stay you can afford, subject to indications on natural light, to dare a little more. There are no colors to avoid a priori, quite the contrary: there are colors like those that belong to the so-called “earth palette” that can give enormous satisfaction if well dosedas well as more unusual colors such as olive green or whale blue.

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However, it is very important not to overdo it with too dark tones if the living room is not a spacious environment or the ceiling is lower than usual, to avoid overwhelming effects.

Kitchen colors and paints

We end our analysis withkitchen environmentthe real beating heart of the whole house and this especially according to the most recent trends that make it space of conviviality and aggregation received a strong boost from futuristic projects like those they include island or peninsula. Of course, for the kitchen, most of the walls are traditionally covered with ceramic materials for obvious practical reasons, but the Painting however, it plays a role in characterizing and customizing the entire environment.

Energy-rich shades e awesome are almost always a good choice because in the kitchen we certainly do not aim for relaxation: the most daring will even dare to dare the turquoise or mustard shades, to choose either on the other hand with tiles than with tone-on-tone exerciseswhile for those who prefer less whimsical tones a straw yellow or dove gray will do just fine.

Reassuring colors such as gray, burgundy or others with darker tones, on the other hand, cannot represent the kitchen vitality, and it will be better to allocate them to other environments. Everything in this case will also be decided in a perfectly coordinated with the finishes of the kitchen furniturea sector to which all the main and most prestigious specialized furniture brands have devoted in recent years an almost obsessive care to offer options aligned with current tastes.

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