Colors in design and the impact on our mood

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We often underestimate the impact that choice of colors of an environment can have on our psychological well-being. When it comes to choosing a wall design for a room in our home, color choice tends to be just one of many factors that are usually taken into consideration. When you do this, you are evaluating more than anything else if you are okay with the rest of the furniture that will be present in this environment, from furniture to curtains to hanging paintings.

Especially when you consider the use of a decorative tool like the wallpaper in the project there are other elements like the theme of the patterns, the type of material of the surfaces etc. that focus our interest and attention. There is nothing wrong with any of this, it is quite understandable, given that the contemporary upholstery they offer a variety of options almost unthinkable just a few years ago. The great technological evolution that we are experiencing has in fact made it possible to create models in lots of materials different with complex texturesthree dimensional ed models light effects capable of creating any type of atmosphere.

In this ocean of possibilities, it is easy to get lost among the many models available with all kinds of patterns. However, we must not forget that the combination of colors that we choose for the environment in question will have a great impact not only on the general appearance of the room, but also and above all on our mood and on the way we interact. with her.

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In fact, colors have enormous power over ours emotions. So let’s take a look at the effects that the colors we choose can have on our mood, analyzing some of the most common colors for wall decor. These will actually be a direct representation of our personality, as different types of colors are capable of evoking certain reactions in different people. For this article, we have identified four of the most popular primary colors in wallpaper. So let’s see what effects it has on our mood.

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The color blue is a great choice for creating a soothing and soothing space for friends and family. It is precisely for this reason that this color is often used to decorate the bathroom, the space which, by its very definition, is our sanctuary of intimacy and relaxation. There are so many shades of blue that you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing wallpaper in this shade. Theoretically, it is possible to decorate the whole house with this color to create a relaxation area with maritime tones!

Blue is also a great choice for bedrooms as long as you choose lighter shades of this color. It is very important to remember that this color is best suited for rooms that receive a sufficient amount of natural light.


Yellow is very often associated with the sun and the joy of living. It is a color that can bring liveliness and happiness to any environment. This shade retains the radiant energy of the sun and summer and is suitable for those who want to drive away the sadness or live in greener, wintry climates. The most appropriate rooms to use this color are kitchens and bathrooms, as they are bright, open spaces that lend themselves to bright, cheerful colors like yellow.

Yellow can also be used to “enlarge” small spaces, making them appear much larger and more cheerful. For the same reason, it is therefore best not to use it in larger rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms, unless they are also sufficiently light and airy.

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Orange has several similarities with yellow when it comes to properties that can improve our mood, as it is another bright and intense color with a strong charge of positivity.

This color is a panacea for living rooms and bedrooms. Due to its ability to transmit energy, it is an excellent choice for a children’s playroom or home gym. It is precisely for this reason, however, that it is not recommended in the children’s room.


Of the four shades we’ve chosen, black is perhaps the least common, as it’s definitely not a wallpaper color for everyone. Black is a very intense color, but it can be used to highlight a beautiful piece of furniture or a large painting.

It should never be used on all four walls of a room, only to highlight a space, an ornamental wall. It conveys calm and sophistication, but should be used in small doses.

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