Composition A109: all the advantages of the project

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Make a Composition with container furniture being part of the Atlantean Collection it means optimizing spaces and making them more functional. These types of solutions are suitable furnish living and living spacesbecause they integrate multiple functions: TV stand and other technological devices, showcase, bookcase, etc.

Customizable A109 compositions for all needs

Large possibility of customization to create compositions that are not only functionalbut also practical and with great aesthetic impact, such as the Composition of Atlas A109 proposal in slightly knotted materialMaterial matt chalk white with details in chalk white metal.

The furnishing of each room, in particular that of the living room, must be chosen with the greater carein order to guarantee welcoming spaces to spend free time in complete relaxation.

In this regard, the Atlante A109 composition can make the difference in ensuring functionality, as well as a pleasant and never banal aesthetic result.

In fact, they fit well in the Atlante Composition A109 3 advantages of Tomasella’s own project:

  1. Regulus
  2. Remix
  3. Ring

Regolo and Anta Remix handle system: movement and design

The container modules that serve as a base have the Regolo handle system which allows you to create ever new combinations of finishes by playing with geometric lines and alternating volumes capable of bringing movement to the whole composition.

Movement also reinforced bydoor remix which, with its diagonal cut, creates unexpected solutions in doors that break straight lines and precisely insert the diagonal line as a design element.

Circular shelf with backlight

An additional touch, and another more project of this composition, are the Ring shelves, also available in a backlit version. Simple and effective, the Ring shelves are made of wood with a light and minimal metal ring that entwines them. The backlight also catches the eye, enriching the furnishing project with an eclectic detail that enhances the harmony and balance of the whole composition.

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