Design coffee table 33 furnishing ideas

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The designer coffee table it’s a real joker in modern furniture: let’s find out how to use it.

Very often, we find ourselves buying or being attracted to a specific designer piece of furniture before we even create a specific environment in the house. Who hasn’t been able to find, online or in specialty stores, a supplement that made people exclaim: “Wow, I want it!?”

Perhaps the furnishing of the house is complete, but this designer coffee table conquered at first glance. Why choose a designer coffee table? Simple, is a real joker in modern furniture, it is easy to insert even in the smallest spaces, it is versatile because it can be used for different purposes and its style can certainly make a difference in the perception of all the environment in which it is placed. For example, it can emphasize that of the whole room, or give liveliness to a minimal or vintage environment.

The designer coffee table for the living room

the designer coffee table is perfect to complete the living room; if you have chosen a particularly eccentric or lively model, you must make it visible and the protagonist of the space, so that the ideal location is in front of the sofa. To emphasize its look it is possible to opt for colors in contrast with the tones of the room, if on the contrary you want a more discreet and neutral effect it is better to choose a coffee table with tone-on-tone finishes compared to the furniture TV and other living room furniture. The ideal, however, is to always create a kind of visual dynamism, and therefore the perfect design coffee table models have elements of several colors, just like the coffee table 33.

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The designer coffee table as a bedside table

The bedroom should be welcoming, harmonious and reflect the style of those who live there. Very often we find ourselves having to limit the number of pieces of furniture because the spaces are not always large, especially in modern apartments. Here bedside tables, very useful and necessary accessories, must be thin, versatile and reusable. In this context, the coffee table 33 it can become the centerpiece of our bedroom. The important thing is to choose colors that match the look of the rest of the furniture, or, if you want to liven up the atmosphere, prefer more lively color combinations.

The designer coffee table for plants

A different and fun function for the coffee table can also be that of a support base for plants and green compositions. For example, near the window, the table can support a vase with an important scenographic plant and underline its appearance.

For every furnishing idea, the 33 coffee table is the ideal interpreter: colourful, solid and with a young and eclectic vibe, it can become the perfect single piece capable of illuminating the room.

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