Dress up the wardrobe with hinged doors interpreter of the contemporary bedroom

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When it comes to choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom, there are several factors to consider. The furniture, in fact, should not only allow a good organization of clothes and accessoriesbut be made with selected materials that ensure ample durability over time.

In this regard, Dress hinged door wardrobe has all the characteristics to satisfy the diversified needs, especially of those who want to furnish with refinement, without having to give up maximum comfort.

This piece of furniture, which is distinguished by the essential lines and with attention to every little detail, it adapts well to all styles and allows you to make the most of the available space.

the swing doors they can be opened at the same time and this aspect allows you to easily view the interior. This way you can find what you need right away.

Functionality and practicality of the Dress wardrobe

The Dress wardrobe turns out to be a modern and at the same time very functional solution. It can be placed against the longest wall in the bedroom and will allow you to set up welcoming spaces and pleasant to live.

The strong point of this piece of furniture is precisely the integrated handles on the doors and therefore do not protrude allowing very practical opening and closing.

The dress is therefore a wardrobe with an original aesthetic and outside the usual patterns, but which remains sober and therefore able to resist the constant change of fashions.

The internal organization is also worth mentioning. The Dress wardrobe can accommodate outerwear, pants, long dresses, small accessories and everything you need to tackle all seasons of the year.

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A large wardrobe is not always synonymous with space. It all depends precisely on the distribution of the interior space. With the addition shelves, convenient interior and sticks for hanging shirts and dresses will allow you to distribute outfits and different types of clothing according to your needs.

In any case, the space in the bedroom never seems enough, which is why this dress is available in different sizes. the widths in fact, they range from 43.7 to 117.2 centimeters, while the Heights they measure 239 and 255 centimeters. The depthon the other hand, it is equal to 62.3 centimeters.

Finishes and colors available

The Dress wardrobe with hinged doors is not only available in different sizes, but also in numerous combinations of colors and finishes. This piece of furniture has a structure in matt lacquered wood, as well as metal profiles in anthracite color.

As for the doors, they can be entirely covered with the skin, imitation leather or nubuck. The panels, in any case, enhance the piece of furniture as a whole, for a very suggestive aesthetic result.

Why choose the Dress wardrobe with hinged doors

There are many good reasons to furnish your bedroom with a nice closet and equipped with hinged doors such as Dress, also perfect to be inserted at the entrance, in the guest room, in a hallway and in any other point of the house.

The dress is not only a very solid piece of furniture designed to last over time. It is actually a wardrobe that will allow you to make the environment more light and large, thanks to the refinement of the details and the minimal lines.

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Based on the square meters available, you can then choose the most appropriate size, in order to use the space in the best possible way. The tailor-made wardrobeafter all, it still represents the ideal solution to exploit down to the last centimeter.

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