Furnish with the Mood Comfort Zone

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The living space of a house is the first environment that is accessed, and the choice of furniture for this environment must satisfy both functional and aesthetic needs and must represent a calling card of the style of those who live there.

Help comes from the mood palettes created by Tomasella:

moodboard with shades and finishes that interact with each other to create a precise style, such as for the Comfort Zone moodboard in which warm woods are combined with geometric and lively patterns to furnish the living space in the name of coolness and heat.

The storage unit is the true protagonist of the living space, an element that can be used to contain objects, to store books, souvenirs, CDs, magazines or others. Equipped with drawers, doors or open closures with an “open” part in view, with the presence of a play of solids and voids that lightens the structure and creates a particular dynamism that enhances the piece of furniture and the environment that surrounds it. welcome .

Space S004 composition, exclusive design

The Spatial Composition S004 sums up all these characteristics and, with its interplay of colors, finishes and materials, it best interprets the Comfort Zone moodboard. Particular and characteristic is the top element, a solution capable of enhancing the whole piece of furniture thanks to a particular support for objects, lamps and decorative elements, a means of creating particular compositional solutions that stand out thanks to has a decisive and exclusive design. Lacquered wood materials in opaque colors, such as burgundy, anthracite or metal that create a contrast and at the same time bind with elements with a vintage taste such as canettè glass doors.

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Metropolis sideboard, the warmth of the heat-treated oak finish

Among the most interesting choices for warm living room furniture stylethe Metropolis sideboard with a heat-treated oak finish is an ideal solution. The anthracite base gives lightness and modernity and dialogues with the glass doors with frame in the same finish. The heat-treated oak of the structure and doors speaks of elegance and comfort.

Joy Decor coffee table: the freshness of graphics

Finally, to bring a touch of freshness to the furniture in the living room, the Joy Decor round coffee table. A versatile structure for colors, color combinations and graphics for the top that make this table captivating and definitely unique. The coffee table can be chosen in three different sizes and heights. The secret of style? Combine two or more tables of different sizes and finishes, so as to create a composition capable of immediately catching the eye.

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