Going minimalist: 6 things you can add to a small room

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Going minimalist: 6 things you can add to a small room

Although some people may not like it, a minimalist room can be a comfortable sanctuary with the right furniture and decor. Sure, it’s not as spacious as some would like, but it can still be a cozy spot nonetheless. And despite having a small space, you can still make a minimalist room unique with the right furniture and decor.

But what should be put in such a room when there are not many spaces available? Well, you’re in luck! From a small, refreshing window air conditioner to other decorations, here are six things you can add to a minimalist room.

1. Small window air conditioner

Let’s start the list with something practical for any hot summer day. During hot seasons, we would prefer to have a glass of cool drink or any snack that could help cool us down. In addition to these options, we would also want a comfortable place where we could hide from the heat. So, to shelter you from scorching afternoons, why not install a small window air conditioner in your minimalist bedroom?

With the right size and unit, you can turn your room into a cool, cozy sanctuary. Choose the model with the proportioned measurements to fit your room well, and you won’t have to worry about overwhelming heat. Be sure to turn it off when not hot!

2. Single bed

It’s not a comfortable room if it doesn’t have a bed. Without it, where will you sleep or take a nap? Of course, a sofa seems like a great alternative; however, it is not as comfortable as a bed. So when adding furniture to your minimalist bedroom, always make room for a single bed.

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Your bed doesn’t have to be big either. After all, if you have chosen something important, there is not much space to move around in your room. Some people even have a custom double-deck bed with the bottom bunk removed. They would then place other objects under the top bunk. When choosing a single bed, always keep in mind the space available in your bedroom. These aren’t the only pieces of furniture you’ll need.

3. Cupboard or drawer

Aside from a cozy bed, your bedroom is incomplete if you have nowhere to put your clothes. Without proper clothing storage, your favorite shirt or pants could get dirty or pick up stains or even fur if you have a pet. To prevent your clothes from getting dirty, it is recommended to have a compact closet or drawer in your bedroom.

When choosing a closet or drawer, try to choose something small but sturdy enough to hold all your clothes. Make sure that, like the bed, your choice won’t take up much space. Alternatively, you can also sell or donate the clothes you no longer wear to free up space in your closet of choice.

4. Shelf

A shelf is a practical piece of furniture in any household. In addition to allowing you to temporarily place certain objects, you can also use a shelf as storage or a display. Whether you use it to store books or a sport to display memorable photos, a bookshelf will come in handy. And thanks to this feature, you can always add a small shelf to your minimalist room.

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Try to choose a shelf that doesn’t take up much space but can also display a lot of stuff, including books, if you plan to turn your minimalist room into an office. Make sure that the shelving unit of your choice, such as the cupboard or drawer mentioned above, is compact and durable enough to place your things on without fear of it breaking down.

5. Small plant

You’ll never go wrong with a little touch of nature inside your home. Sure, some people might prefer plants outside, but there’s something unique or quiet about having a plant in your home, whether it’s live or plastic. And while you’re at it, why not add a small potted plant to your room for some natural appeal?

Besides being a nice display in your bedroom, caring for a small plant might even be relaxing for you. And as for what kind of plant, any miniature will do. Whether it’s a real little cactus or bonsai or plastic, this green object will add a natural aesthetic.

6. Work of art

And finally, even if you have furniture in your bedroom, art is always a great addition. Sure, you might prefer practicality over aesthetics, but having a little bit of artwork won’t hurt. Besides being a decoration, it might even inspire you to create your art. So when creating a minimalist room, consider having a piece of art.

It doesn’t matter what kind of artwork you display in your room. As long as it doesn’t take up a lot of space, feel free to add whatever you want. Whether it’s a small sculpture or a mural, a piece of art will brighten up your minimalist haven.

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In a word,

Despite the lack of space, you can still turn a minimalist room into a sanctuary. With the right furniture and decor, this otherwise small space can be your coziest spot for comfort. For more tips, visit Storables.com.

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