Hallway Lighting Ideas: Stylish Ways to Light It Up

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Hallway Lighting Ideas: Stylish Ways to Light It Up

Homeowners usually neglect the hallway when it comes to decorating. We are proud of you if this subject caught your attention. As with any other space in the interior, the hallway plays an equally important role in the overall look. Plus, it serves as an introduction to your style. Every detail adds to the picture, and the slightest mistake can spoil the result. In this sense, lighting plays an essential role.

Whether it’s an entrance area or a space that leads from one room to another, the hallway usually lacks natural light, and the artificial comes to the rescue. Even with an appropriate amount of daylight, the scenario changes during the night. Cleverly choosing lighting sources in the hallway will not only brighten the space, but also enhance the interior. Make every homecoming more enjoyable and impress your guests with a complete hallway look where the lighting is both functional and stylish. Starting with some practical tips to get you started and browsing through the list of inspiring ideas for the perfect hallway lighting, take your interior to a new, unique and stylish level.

How to Choose the Best Hallway Lights

  • To illuminate the entire hallway space: Hang a large pendant from the ceiling to touch every spot. If we’re talking narrow hallways, consider a series of slightly smaller fixtures;
  • To add an accent light source: opt for spotlights to illuminate particular elements, such as a painting, to stylishly highlight the details of your hallway, or opt for luminaires that direct the light up and down the wall to play with shadows; Yet the most effective way is to consider unusual fixture designs that make a work of art out of the light sources;
  • To successfully light up a dark hallway: spread the light in all directions with modern LED panels, while the adjustable functions partly adapt the brightness and the color temperature to each situation;
  • To illuminate the staircase functionally: think of wall lights or LED strips, ideally with motion sensors for practical use, which would light up functionally without being blinded by the bright light of ceiling lights;
  • To keep pace with energy efficiency principles: whatever the design of the luminaire, opt for LED light sources, which come in all shapes and sizes to match your style and, above all, save energy;
  • To create the perfect atmosphere: Opt for fixtures that do not obscure the original warm white shade, versatile, contemporary and with a subtle welcoming feel to make every homecoming a pleasure and surprise your guests with an inviting sense.
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Light it up

To fully illuminate a narrow hallway or other such space, consider ceiling lights with light sources aimed at all angles of the room. From extravagant designs to raw industrial style with bulbs pointing in all directions, your hallway will acquire an appropriate amount of light and a unique fixture that will impress with its intricate design.

Save space, add style

If you are looking for ways to light up your small hallway or if you just want to save as much space as possible, do not hesitate to opt for wall lights. They cover small areas without touching the ceiling or the floor, while the wide range of designs will adapt this type of lighting to your style. Hang them above functional areas or decorative elements. Go for the simplest designs or seek inspiration in particular styles, considering accent sconces with sleek metallic details.

Maximum size

If space permits, take the opportunity to decorate your entrance with a flamboyant chandelier. It is not necessarily an elegant diamond inspired by a French palace interior design. You can safely go with any large pendant that involves an extravagant design and serves as an accent. Even those made from scraps of recycled fabrics that match the overall style are just as relevant.

always welcome

With their exquisite designs and decorative role, irreplaceable table lamps are simply a must in any hallway if there is a dressing table. Most of the time, they need to be accompanied by a ceiling pendant to ensure an appropriate amount of light. The lights being for the most part decorative elements, do not hesitate to use this function to the maximum. You can either stick with the overall monochromatic theme or opt for accents to draw even more attention to this device.


What would make the hallway more spacious than an appropriate amount of light? Of course, a large mirror. Just imagine the effect of combining these. Think of LED strips all around the mirror, wall sconces directed towards the mirror or hung directly on it, different light sources in the vicinity of the mirror, or even elegant chandeliers that the mirror would reflect to bounce the light and ensure a double effect. style.

chic art deco

It is not mandatory to go with a full Art Deco interior to opt for light sources of this kind. Given contemporary design approaches, you can safely choose an Art Deco accent and incorporate it into your modern hallway, unless you really want to associate yourself fully with this style. Your interior will surely reach a new level, whether it’s an unforgettable chandelier, elegant brass sconces, extravagant floor lamps or no less impressive table lamps that replicate the grandeur of Great Gatsby.

Stay original, natural and eco-responsible

If you want to make a statement in a contemporary interior, there’s no better way than to opt for nature-inspired units that bring the outdoors inside, offer eco-friendly alternatives and remain unmistakably unique. In this sense, think of ceiling suspensions, wall sconces or table lamps made of rattan or jute. They fit perfectly into any style, best defining Boho and Coastal approaches.

And the stairs?

If your hallway also includes a staircase, don’t skip the lighting part here either. You can go two ways: fully functional or fully stylish. In the first case, opt for LED lights to light up the staircase and illuminate the path, which, by the way, has an impressive modern effect. On the other hand, use the space to the fullest and opt for an extravagant chandelier that flows from the ceiling until it almost reaches the floor. You can safely go as far as you want even in modern interiors, as they certainly require a bit of a deviation from the common minimalist approach.

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