How to Fix Lazy Boy Recliner Problems?

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How to Fix Lazy Boy Recliner Problems?

We all love our power recliner, and it’s our favorite piece of furniture. Unfortunately, recliners aren’t ideal, and they tend to break from time to time. In this article, we want to discuss different problems with a recliner and explain how to solve this problem.

Recliner does not recline.

A power recliner may not function properly if it does not produce the expected movement of the footrest and backrest. A quick check before using your power recliner for the first time can ensure that there are no issues with the way the manufacturer has installed the controls. If you notice a problem after pressing any of these control sticks, there may be several issues, including:

  • Control arm does not work – inspect levers, rails and hinges to make sure nothing is bent or broken.
  • The drive motor is not working – if these parts are intact, you may need to replace the motor.
  • Cut control wiring – if the wires are cut or chewed on, it will prevent the footrest from moving. This problem most often occurs in pets that like to chew on power cords. This has happened to me with my own cats/dogs!

Loose control cable

The cable controlling whether your foot peg goes up or down can loosen over time. A simple squeeze should allow you to relax again without fear of being woken up by a sudden extension.

If your footrest won’t move, it may be time to consider replacing the entire part due to repeated use or deterioration. The screws that secure this part are usually very sturdy but stepping on them repeatedly can cause breakage if exposed enough times. This material can also bend over time, so you might see visible deformation of the metal even if no screws have come loose yet.

Manual control does not work

If your footrest won’t move, but you can still raise and lower the backrest, the Lazy-Boy recliner problem may be related to the wire connecting the hand control to your best power recliner with heat and massage. You’ll want to get on all fours and feel for any obstruction in this wire if you find anything odd, like a broken piece of metal inside the foot of your power recliner.

There is a higher chance that something has damaged this part of your home. Also, it may even be a small child who has tried his hand at climbing in a motorized recliner. A replacement should do the trick to get your seat back in working order.

The control panel is not responding

If you are unable to return your power recliner to its original position no matter what you do, there could be a problem with the control panel. This part can wear out over time if used often or if water has come in contact with it at some point, and it can just stop working, which none of us want to deal with. after spending so much money on that comfy seat.

Mechanism tilts to one side

Although some power recliners are not intended to tilt to one side, there is no harm in using yours for this purpose. That being said, if you notice that the foot of your power recliner seems to tilt to one side as you sit down, something is wrong with the way it was set up. This may prevent your footrest from fully raising.

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The most dangerous thing is that it could pose a danger to those who do not realize what is happening. Although fixing this problem may involve repositioning parts within the recliner frame, be careful when doing so as these parts often have sharp edges that can cut skin or snag clothing. If you end up throwing a sharp object into a piece of fabric only to knock off an armrest, you can expect to spend some time fixing this problem.

Headrest problems

There are usually two main headrest issues that people will encounter with their power recliner. The first is a broken or loose headrest, which the same process can fix as the footrest problem described above. A loose connection between this piece and the wire controlling whether or not it’s attached to your chair can cause serious problems since you’ll likely end up sitting on it for hours at a time. You can end up with an uncomfortable neck or back if you don’t take care of this quickly because the entire support system on one side will no longer be present.

Quick advice: If water gets into your power recliner, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe it off before starting again, so as not to cause further problems.

The second problem concerns a headrest that is too high or too low, which can be adjusted by moving it up or down as needed. However, your chair’s power headrest may have been stuck in one position and will not move at all due to repeated use over time. In this case, you will have to detach the part from its housing and reattach it using superglue instead of screws to put it back in place. This issue should only occur if your recliner has been in heavy use for an extended period of time, as there is no risk of it happening naturally with just owning the product, even if you sit on it every day for hours on end.

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If your footrest does not move when you press the up or down button on your power recliner, it has most likely developed a problem with one of its wheels. Natural wear and tear over time is common. In addition, damage from trapped wires prevented proper operation of the power supply to this room. If you’re comfortable doing that, you’ll want to remove that wheel using pliers and superglue to get it back to working order. Your leg rest should work fine after this repair, but if you’re still having mobility issues, there may be an issue with the platform inside the chair itself rather than the suspension system. wheels below.


While several issues can prevent your new recliner from working properly, these issues are definitely not something you should have to deal with after spending so much on this one. If no matter what button you press or lever you pull, your new power recliner won’t move due to an internal problem, return it immediately for repair or replacement! A good warranty period might be the only thing keeping you from paying for this mistake!

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