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The world of interior design also changes, changes and evolves in relation to the cultural landscape. The pandemic years have undoubtedly brought a lot of upheaval to our lives, with consequences for many aspects of daily life. The time spent indoors has increased dramatically and the environment we live in every day has become increasingly important: to this day, a comfortable home conveys a sense of security like never before.

The world of interior design couldn’t help but adapt, and the new furniture trends of 2022 are also somehow influenced by this situation. In particular, this year will pay special attention to stay, the place of conviviality par excellence: here we meet, we meet and relationships are strengthened. So let’s see what are the latest living room furniture trends 2022.

recycled materials

This is certainly the most obvious trend that we will be able to observe this year. 2022 is the year of eco-sustainability: yes to products from sustainable sources, such as recycled metals or rattan, and to cotton and linen textiles. It is likely that the time spent indoors has influenced this, fostering the emergence of a new sensibility towards nature, at least in interior design.

In addition to wood, the backbone of furniture with a natural style, two trendy materials for 2022 are marble and glass. Thanks to its treatment, marble does not require excessive energy consumption, just as glass allows to increase the luminosity of the whole environment and is a natural material and 100% recyclable.

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There are two furnishing styles that above all allow you to complete the living room with recycled materials:

  • living room in a rustic style. We all know the charm of bastides and farms. Well, the rustic style is reminiscent of these places, using mainly wood (fir, ash and many other species according to taste). A distinction is made between the authentic rustic style and the contemporary rustic style. The authentic rustic style prefers a worn look that favors imperfections such as grain and knots, and mostly uses furniture straight from the millwork. The contemporary rustic style, on the other hand, prefers wooden furniture which can however be combined with more modern elements, such as plastic laminates.
  • Nordic style living room. A Nordic-style living room has an extremely warm and welcoming feel, just like in cold northern European homes. The preferred material will always be wood, especially birch and oak, and the shapes must be geometric and linear to give sobriety and harmony to the environment.

Stay in a minimalist style

The preference for recycled materials suggests an idea of ​​simplicity and essentiality that is the real protagonist of the furnishing trends of 2022. The minimal style includes simple shapes, versatile and functional objects and soft colors that do not create too sharp and unpleasant contrasts. Having to choose furnishing accessories for the living room, they will be preferred semicircular sofas with soft and sinuous lines. The minimal style avoids edges and aims for the harmony that rounded shapes are able to restore. The same goes for the choice of chairs: for the living room it is advisable to choose chairs with soft and regular shapes, with a contemporary but discreet taste. In short, the softness of lines and coverings is the golden rule of this year’s shows, whose priority is to convey a feeling of safety and well-being.

The choice of colors

2022 living room color trends meet the needs of a minimal and natural style. First of all, the choice is obviously on the use of sober and soft colors: 2022 is not the right year to be daring, it is rather the time of elegance and refinement. Attention to eco-sustainability includes the choice of colors inspired by elements of nature, such as forests and mountains.

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Specifically, blue and olive green seem to be the two undisputed protagonists of living room furniture. Both are perfect for pairing with wood and can give the home a chic nature and country feel. Combinations of wood, dark blue and golden details will also be very trendy, an association reminiscent of landscapes by the sea.

Another trendy color isocher, especially when combined with shades such as green and dark gray. This color recalls the nuances of the earth and is very versatile in terms of combinations, so much so that it can be part of different palettes that, in addition to green and gray, open up to blue and yellow. It is therefore an ideal color to complete your living rooms, even with small accessories that will embellish the rooms with a touch of color.

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