Locker room layout: how to choose lockers and integrate them with style?

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Designing a dressing room can seem overwhelming due to the many aspects to consider. From the basics to the additional elements for a stylish appearance, a smart approach to each step in part will make the most of such an intention. Regardless of the facility, be it a school, a gymnasium or even a fitness center, most aspects are pretty much the same. We’ve put together an ultimate guide to dressing room design and want to share it with you for a functional yet stylish outcome, starting with the lockers, which are more or less the defining features of this space. .

Choose lockers

Even the name “changing room” itself leads to the idea that lockers are among the main elements of this room, or, let’s put it this way: whatever other things are here, which may differ from one case to case, the lockers will always be there. To choose the best lockers, particular aspects should be taken into account in terms of material, color and, above all, style.

locker material

The quality of the products depends above all on the material. What should be paid attention to? You definitely have to consider durability, visual appearance and, of course, cost. Undoubtedly, the best decision is to opt for durability and avoid imminent replacement when talking about such spaces. Let’s discuss the hardware options available!

Plastic lockers

It’s not that it’s the most important thing, but let’s say it upfront: plastic lockers don’t come cheap. Nevertheless, the advantages they present will not make you spend any money while using these lockers as they prevail in terms of durability, being corrosion, rust and water resistant.

As an alternative, you can consider plastic laminate, which can be made from a wide range of materials and is best suited for damp spaces. Moreover, plastic laminate is available in different finishes including glossy, matte, textured or even wood.

Another advantage is the silent opening and closing of the locker. That’s not all! While some may think that plastic lockers can be easily broken, we hasten to assure you that their structure makes them more difficult to break, even unlike metal parts of this type.

Wooden lockers

If the appearance of your lockers plays an essential role, consider wood as it is the most elegant of all materials. Mainly used in country clubs or high profile gyms, wooden lockers achieve impressive results in terms of appearance.

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Still, it is your go-to choice if there are no external factors to influence the quality of wooden lockers. If we talk about changing rooms for saunas, swimming pools or those with showers, they can be easily damaged by water. They can even reach the level of collapsing after being exposed to direct contact with water. In addition, this material can harbor odors and bacteria.

Overall, wooden lockers are the first choice if you care about appearance and don’t have to worry about the mentioned issues.

Metal lockers

It is the material most used by manufacturers to produce lockers. What really wins out is the price, which is very affordable. What you need to worry about is its high maintenance feature.

To begin with, we must consider that metal lockers are of medium durability since they are not resistant to water and corrosion. You will also need to repaint them regularly to hide easily seen scratches and prevent rust.

Another factor to consider is that these lockers usually come as a set of separate parts and bolts that you need to put together. Also, the range of color options is quite limited.

Yet, all things considered, locker manufacturers have recently improved the quality of these lockers, beginning to offer a greater range of shades. Moreover, not a single material among those mentioned compares in its sturdiness and affordability. In a nutshell, if your locker room does not directly interact with water and the lockers are used carefully, you can still take advantage of this cheap alternative.

  • Secure storage. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings as long as they end up in a metal locker;
  • Sustainability. Yes, we mentioned that metal lockers are prone to rust. Yet, with a rust-proof finish, you can prolong the use of the lockers, in addition to the fact that this material is sturdy;
  • Affordability. Profitability is surely about these lockers. There’s a bit of upkeep, but it’s a one-time purchase at an affordable price;
  • Sustainability. Unlike other materials, steel lockers are recyclable and won’t end up in a landfill. Metal lockers may not be water resistant, but they are surely resistant to bacteria and chemicals.
  • They can be personalized. Metal lockers can be partially customized for every preference. The current production of such lockers already offers a wider range of designs and structures that can be easily restructured or even improved, for example, by integrating sound-absorbing materials to improve the experience of using these lockers.
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Locker color

Do not underestimate the color of the dressing room since this factor plays a vital role in the overall look of your dressing room. You should not consider pre-made lockers. Their color should reflect your brand or theme, depending on which establishment we are referring to. The best decision is to opt for custom units that will surely meet your expectations. You can safely go with your brand colors and emphasize the personality of the dressing room.

One thing is the color, and another is the finish, which must also match your brand or, to be precise, the environment reproduced within your brand. If we are talking about a fitness center, do not hesitate to opt for colored plastic laminate. In the case of country clubs, opt for glossy wood finishes to maintain elegance and light or natural wood finishes for university or college lockers.

Size and number of lockers

Based on demographics and the specific facility, one can easily determine what type of lockers are required and how many are appropriate. To perfectly meet customer needs, a locker room should have a mix of different sized locker types to accommodate everyone.

The same goes for the number of lockers, which depends on the number of guests. However, one should not risk the overall layout or sacrifice the size of the locker room by opting for more lockers than necessary.

In this context, we would like to mention the handicapped accessible lockers which must be installed in any locker room. These lockers must be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. You should go through the ADA guidelines and familiarize yourself with all aspects of the locker room. What you need to consider first:

  • 5% of lockers must be ADA compliant;
  • The lockers must not be more than 15” (380mm) from the ground;
  • There must be a free surrounding space of at least 30″ x 48″ (760mm x 1220mm);
  • Storage spaces must be located at a height of 9″ (230mm) to 48″ (1220mm).

Locker Security

In this regard, you should emphasize either security or convenience. If all you care about is maximum security, there’s no better option than to consider padlock locks. At the same time, if the convenience of your guests is equally important, opt for keyless locks.

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This is followed by features such as permanent and temporary use. Permanent locks are for customers who regularly use the same locker, including padlock locks, combination locks and card reader locks, among the most important, while temporary locks work for temporary customers so that the same locker can be used by several guests one after the other. The other. Thereafter, each person comes with their access code using locks such as programmable push button locks, programmable keypad locks or multi-user combination locks.

Don’t forget handicap accessible lockers which require special locks, which can be used with one hand and do not require more than 5 lbs of force to operate the structure.

Now that you know all about lockers, we can move on to the other pieces that contribute to the interior design of the locker room. We will reveal in detail the main aspects to consider regarding the other elements of this space.


It depends on the use of the locker room. Generally speaking, a cloakroom requires seating for guests to rest, tie their shoes, or wait to take a shower if there is such a possibility.

As for the material, you can choose from a wide range of options: plastic laminate, wood, stainless steel or aluminum. You can also choose the material of the bench repeating the design of the locker for a cohesive look or opt for another if it does not overload the interior.

Amenities, bathrooms and showers

Provide your guests with privacy and clean experiences with quality materials if you plan to add bathrooms and showers to the mudroom. Stick to the overall design and even opt for similar materials and colors like the lockers and benches. Don’t forget a few extra hooks and seats in the shower area so that customers can put their belongings there.

Additionally, you can consider amenities such as vending machines if needed, but, again, it all depends on the facility that hosts the locker room.

Assemble all the pieces

Now that you know everything piece by piece, it’s time to bring all the pieces together and unite them under one style and approach to design. Again, be sure to incorporate ADA compliant units into your locker room. Emphasize quality, especially when talking about lockers, and most importantly, pull it all together with functional ties that replicate the same sense of style.

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