Made-to-measure curtains, an advantageous choice.

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custom curtains
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The curtains make the house beautiful and comfortable, they are more than just an accessory, they are essential to create the right atmosphere in the environment where we want to insert them. Choosing the ideal curtains for your home is complex, there are many solutions, but which ones are suitable, which ones are suitable to complete the decoration of the room?

The solution of custom curtains it is certainly the one who guarantees the better aesthetic result. The made-to-measure curtain adapts perfectly to all window situations and sizes. Today, curtains of this type can be purchased online on specialized sites, such as that of, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of custom curtains. The site offers a wide range of made-to-measure curtains. As for fabrics, you can always find new and refined ones, many types and patterns, all carefully selected and offered at best market prices.

Why choose made-to-measure curtains for your furniture?

Curtains are the final touch of a furnishing project, but also the first element that we notice when entering a room, choosing them carefully is essential!

Certainly for the upholstery curtains it’s the details that make the difference. Like a dress tailored to highlight the silhouette of the wearer, the custom curtainswith their infinity possibility of customization, are the only ones capable of satisfying any need in an elegant and refined way. Long or short, depending on the window or balcony to be covered, made-to-measure curtains are the ones that best meet all needs.

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Choose your own curtain for each room, with colors and patterns that refer to the decorations used for the other furnishing elements in the room. For a bright and elegant living room, for a comfortable and welcoming bedroom, for a practical and colorful kitchen, choose the most suitable types, not only for your furnishing style, but also for your functional needs.

Practical and functional aspects.

In the made-to-measure curtains you can find all these essential characteristics for the definition of a high-level furnishing project. Fabrics, materials and decorations are carefully assembled to customize the final product according to your tastes. Let’s not forget, however, that the curtains, although treated aesthetically, must carry out a important functional tasks.

In addition to complementing and decorating windows and rooms in the home, curtains should:

  • protect the house, people and furniture inside from UV rays;
  • ensure privacy and intimacy by protecting home environments from prying eyes;
  • block drafts and protect the home from the cold by keeping the heat in the rooms and thus contributing to the reduction of energy expenditure;
  • in the absence of shutters, blinds or shutters, curtains can be used for total room darkening.

Management of natural light.

Remember that curtains allow you to better manage natural light at home. Since they are able to determine how the light gets inside the rooms, you have to think carefully about which types to choose. In rooms that are too exposed to the sun, it is better to opt for less filtering curtains. In darker rooms, lighter and more transparent curtains are more suitable.

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Take measures.

To order your tent, you will need to send the necessary measurements for the making curtains. Take the measurements of the curtain it’s a simple operation, all you need is a bit of common sense and some knowledge.

As I have already written on the occasion of mine guide to setting up tents and maintaining them, the curtain placed very close to the ceiling has the ability to draw the eye upwards. This makes the perception of the environment as a larger and higher space. Leaving a margin of a little more than 5 cm from the roof makes it easy to insert the stick into the brackets.

Scandinavian design suitable for any environment

EGGREE – Designer upholstered chair

A practical chair with a contemporary line. Its Scandinavian design is a classic suitable for any environment and style. The chairs are very comfortable and comfortable thanks to the padded leatherette cushion and the enveloping structure. They are lightweight yet sturdy thanks to the solid wood legs. Available in different materials, colors and finishes.

Learn moreon EGGREE

Curtains with rails or rods.

To calculate the width of the curtain to be mounted on the to stick on Or on tracks it is necessary to take into account the length of the stick (or rail) on which it will be mounted (excluding decorative lugs, in the case of the stick). The stick or rail must be at least 15 cm longer than the frame, both on the right and on the left. To calculate the height of the curtain, simply measure the distance between the rod and the floor.

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Roller blinds and Venetian blinds.

A made-to-measure curtain does not only mean classic curtains follow or paste, but also roller blinds And Venetian. These are two essential types especially minimalist or industrial furniture styles.

Be careful because in these cases the indications to follow for the measures to be taken are different.

Fortunately, the Tende-e-Tende site provides precise directions for all eventualities, as well as clear instructions and advice for setting up the tents that arrive at your home.

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