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memory foam

the memory foam it is a very popular material. In fact it is a guarantee when we speak of comfortable mattresses and peaceful nights. Sleeping well is a very important aspect, which must be given the right weight. In fact, he is preparing to face the days with the right energy. Use mattresses memory foam combined with neck pillowsmeans extreme pleasure comfortpreventing back problems And sleep disorders.

When after a eventful daywe lie down on a mattress memory foamthe difference compared to classic mattresses that you immediately feel. We’re slowly sinking into a soft dimension, which respects and adapts to each part of the body. Gradually memory foam wraps and embraces our different body weights, completely assuming its form. After an absolutely comfortable first contact, memory remains stable. It supports the spine and every part of the body in an absolutely effective way. This without presenting one rigidity excessive, without making you feel the slightest discomfort.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is one synthetic foam created in the laboratory, soft and at the same time consistent. It has a solid appearance, but when our body comes into contact with the material in question, it slowly crumbles. the Memory it has the particularity of adapting completely to the weight of the body, to all areas, gradually taking their shape. And when we decide to get out of bed, once the weight is lifted and the pressure released, slowly the memory returns to its original aspect. It swells slowly, “Leaven” just say.

Memory foam mattress: perspiration or constant temperature?

Another strength of memory foam is certainly that of Constant temperature. In fact it is an extremely sensitive to body temperature, as well as body weight. Maintains a constant body temperature and don’t sweat. The material breathes so to speak, mainly keeping itself cool. It also allows you to ward off bacterial agents. As far as perspiration is concerned, however, a good degree must be recognized, but less than water foam. Precisely for this reason, on the market we mainly find combined mattresses, which include both water foam that memory foam. The first gives the mattress a greater breathability thanks to the presence of more air bubbles inside.

memory foam

It should be considered that some manufacturing companies are trying to make memory more breathable, providing for the insertion of tiny gel beads. These could make the material even cooler during the summer and for all those who they suffer more from the heat.

Why “memory foam”?

the memory foam mattressis so named as he has shape memory. This means that the thermosensitive and viscoelastic material in question has the ability to deform and shape itself “by remembering” the shapes of our body. He is inspired by it then returns to his original state, and at a new contact he re-proposes the same forms of the body. So we define memory as “double” for this very reason. Artificial moss stores it for a few moments deformation sufferedbut at the same time he has the memory to come back to himself initial form.

What are the benefits and advantages of a memory foam mattress?

Are so many the advantages of buying of one memory foam mattress. Among the main ones, we can certainly recognize the following:

  • Perfect adaptability to the shape of the body, but without sinking without support;
  • maximum comfort, the foam gently envelops and finally supports our whole body;
  • high degree of thermosensitivity, memory foam mattresses maintain constant body temperature;
  • reduced sleep and back problems;
  • hygienic material that repels mites, dust and bacterial agents;
  • material suitable for allergy sufferers;
  • longevity, mattresses made of this material last a long time and therefore represent a worthwhile investment.

Where to buy the best memory foam mattresses?

count on industry experts and salespeople who handles customer and the quality of products and services. On we can find a wide range of interesting proposalsthat take into account all the needs of average consumer.

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