Modern bookcase for the living room: materials, colors and shapes

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A modern bookcase is just the addition you need to better organize your living room. Discover in this article the most suitable shapes, materials and colors to trace the modern style.

the the living room is a relaxing environment and conviviality to take a break, make time for reading, welcome friends and relax in the folds of the sofa. A modern style space is minimally furnished and looks spacious and tidy. The clean lines of the furniture contribute to the result, the conformation in open space of the living room and the simplicity of the context.

You should not confuse thethe essence of modernity with the aseptic space. A modern living room infuses warmth and personality in its own way through the inclusion of designer objects and accessories. What better complement than the bookcase for the functional arrangement of accessories? The choices to go for are a fitted wall or a modern living room bookcase. In the next paragraphs, discover the differences between the two options and the best trending solutions to enrich the living space.

What to put in a bookcase

A bookcase is an aesthetically fascinating and functional complement, but what can be placed between its shelves? Often the library is only associated with a structure for books, which is not wrong as an observation, but we tend to forget the potential and the uses that can be made of this complement.

A modern library is a showcase in the living room on which to show off objects that are dear to usto exhibit designer trinkets and accessories. Passionate travelers will be able to proudly display artifacts from distant lands, tea lovers, their precious cups and teapots. The elements to give color and lightness are vases and sculptures, plants and bouquets of fresh or dried flowers. Modern bookcase shelves are the perfect place to store family or author photographs, CDs, old vinyl records, magazines and favorite books.

You can also place some on the shelves of the library lamps table, small and avant-garde forms, had you thought about it? The modern bookcase is an ideal place to camouflage lamps halfway between decorative and functional complement.

How to choose the bookcase: dimensions and shapes

Before embarking on the choice of bookcase (or shelf), carefully assess the spaces and dimensions of your environment.

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Indeed, on the basis of the available area, it precisely calculates the maximum size of the library, so you can optimize the living room and make it super functional. In the organization of a modern space, it is difficult to trust to chance, because each complement is selected to measure to enhance the environment.

Bookcase depth and height

As for the shelves, it is good to consider at least 28 cm deepsize necessary to be able to accommodate books of the most common sizes, of which precisely between 18 and 30 cm.

The height between one shelf and another can be the same for the whole bookcase or can meet differences to give dynamism to the construction. It starts from 20 to 30 cm to accommodate standard size books and up to 50 cm to accommodate vases, lamps and sculptures.

Our composition A086 with base units, shelves and backs in light knotted material, it is a perfect bookcase to furnish the modern contemporary living room.

There are indeed libraries of all shapes, from the traditional to the most extravagant. Library round, pyramidal, arborescent and even corrugatedbut the most suitable form for modern furniture is undoubtedly the type linear. Square or rectangular compartments, straight and geometric shelves are the most suitable solutions for a modern living room.

How long does a library last?

The length of a library, which translates into a number of columns and compartments, is to be determined according to the size of the living room, the place where you intend to place it and the use you intend to make of it.

For a wall bookcase, the length varies depending on the wall to be furnished, so it can be either 2 or 4-5 meters. There are also space-saving solutions on the market with a length of 50 cm that allow the bookcases to be placed in the most confined spaces, making the most of the room’s potential.

The composition A119 it is almost a square with 147 cm in length and 147.5 cm in height. One of the smallest in our catalogue, designed in matt anthracite material and graphics, this bookcase can also be used as a desk thanks to the high tilting table at mid-height.

Where to place the modern bookcase

You can choose to use the bookcase as a separation between two areas of the living room, for example the dining area and the sofa area, or to favor a structure that covers the entire wall. In this case we are talking about equipped wallswhich include various elements such as TV cabinets, hanging compartments, showcases, sideboards and shelves.

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It is advisable to insert the library on the dominant wall, the longest, the very one where the television will be present, to concentrate the elements of interest all on the same side of the living room and lighten the remaining walls.

If the living room is very large, you can think of recreating a library corner with a modern full-wall library, or with a suspended composition to reduce clutter.

The bookcase in the photo is over 6 meters long, made up of open or closed volumes with decorative doors that offer great stylistic variety.

Colors, materials, style contamination of the modern living room library

What are the rules for furnishing a modern space? It should be noted that when we talk about modernity in furniture, we also refer more broadly to all those trends that have established themselves in recent years. The choice of different colours, lines and materials has given rise to varied styles such as Nordic, contemporary, bohemian and industrial, all of which are part of modern inspirations.

the drink it is a material used for many interior design trends thanks to its reliability and the warmth it transmits to indoor environments. Although in our mind the library is made of wood, today there are many alternatives. Many other materials can be evaluated such as metal, MDF, glass and plasticssolutions that can bring a note of innovation to your environment.

Modern trendy bookcases: industrial, Nordic, contemporary and bohemian

For an industrial library it is advisable to play with raw finishes and opt for a mixture of metal and wood, the two realities of the industrial context. The structure of the metal material brings strength and gives that simple and essential look. The main colors of the industrial environment are black, brown and anthracite gray, designed to recall the black atmosphere of factories. White or light colors should not be missing in the environment for their own effect and the luminosity they give to interior spaces.

The contemporary environment as well as the Nordic environment are characterized by harmony, minimalism and luminosity. THE neutral colors and wood with natural finish are the best ingredients for a modern library in the living room. The composition in the photo A036 it represents an excellent solution for environments with a contemporary taste.

The Boho or bohemian style also favors natural materials that recall the earth and therefore light-colored woods and natural fibers such as rattan. For a library in a chic bohemian living room, we recommend the bamboo or natural woodresistant and with an authentic look, and an original composition that does not seem to be factory-made.

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Types of modern libraries

Nowadays there is a wide variety of living contexts, which is why we try to adapt furnishing solutions to all needs. Smaller apartments, if carefully considered, can be optimized and benefit from the same accessories as a larger environment. The choice of modern shelves and bookcases branches in different structures and models such as libraries of wall-mounted, modular, open, freestanding, corner, bridge, hanging and many more.

The wall bookcase is the most impressive, capable of characterizing a living room with its presence. even the library bridge has a remarkable visual impact, the shelves and compartments follow the shape of the room, rotating around the doors and windows along the wall. Bookcases of this type can be integrated with a ladder to reach the highest shelves, just like in a real library! Who has never dreamed of a library like this?

In small rooms it is better to choose bookcases modular and therefore customizable according to the spaces and needs of the living room. This type is very versatile because it allows you to build the complement practically to measure, it can be composed of shelves or rectangular and cubic shelves.

The version suspended it is a practical solution in any environment. The bookcase is hung between 1 and 2 meters, a comfortable height to admire the shelves and reach them easily. Our model in the photo, the Krea boiserie is an element with infinite potential.

Another space-saving model is the corner bookcase, perfect for optimizing the space in the rooms of our home. The structure has a right-angled backrest that fits perfectly between two walls. This type of bookcase can be large or very small, with classic or particularly original shapes and you can choose it in the material you prefer. The corner bookcase has many variations: with floor base, suspended, with open structure, freestanding or wall-mounted.

Open bookcases: dividers for the modern living room

the open and double-sided bookcases they are characterized by open shelves or compartments and are made with a structure that does not include a supporting backrest. The advantage of this type of library is its lightness and therefore the possibility of being moved as needed anywhere in the room.

The structure allows light to pass through, one of the reasons why they are often used as room dividers. Open bookcases are often also freestanding models that do not require fixing or additional support to be inserted in domestic environments.

A102 is a light composition with a minimalist look. Made of textured light concrete and anthracite metal, the bookcase is perfect in a living room with contemporary or industrial furniture.

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