Modern bookcases: compositions for the living room.

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Choose a bookcase to organize living spaces. In this guide, you will find versatile and functional living room compositions that will win you over. Discover our trendy solutions.

What is the most appropriate environment for placing shelves and bookcases? The bookcase is a fairly versatile accessory which, depending on the style and size, can be placed in different points and rooms of the house. You can decide to furnish your living room, hallway, bedroom or office with a bookcase. It all depends on the function that the bookcase will have to fulfill in the spaces of the house.

In this article we show you some Tomasella compositions for the living room, modern shelves and bookcases able to stand out as protagonists or to mix with the other elements of the living room for a homogeneous result.

Library features.

You may think that the library is only useful as a shelter for books and magazines, but there is much more that this addition can be used for. Some practical examples? The library can be used as a showcase for showcase valuablesbe it artistic sculptures, limited edition items, ceramic vases, collectible ornaments or fine liquors.

There are those who prefer emphasize their passions and interests and complete the library with a series of favorite books or with vinyls and CDs of the bands they are most passionate about. You can decide to prefer accessories with emotional value and thus exhibit family photographs, handicrafts and souvenirs that will make you relive the magic of your travels.

That’s not all, in fact the library can also be used as room divider. The introduction of an open composition allows the environment to be separated into two zones, partially masking visibility and ensuring more privacy or enjoying two independent environments.

Living room composition: an adjoining library.

Where to use the bookcase as a room divider? In the living room, you can choose to insert it to separate the sofa area from the dining room. In larger living rooms, it is possible to evaluate a corner study / home office, it is enough to place a desk and a hanging bookcase above it. Do you have a studio? Using shelves is a smart idea to create a more discreet sleeping area. As you can see, a single add-on can be useful in many contexts and bring different solutions to life!

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Composition A102 is an open bookcase made of matter and metal. The thin but resistant open structure lets in a lot of light and makes the shelf ideal for positioning in the center of the room or on a glass wall.

Compositions for the living room: bookcases for all styles.

There are different styles of furniture such as modern, contemporary, shabby, classic and many more that bring together a vast combination of solutions. Let yourself be guided by a personal design for the choice of details, colors and finishes.

To be able to define itself furnished with style, each interior context must ensure that it follows a precise concept. What do we mean by this term? It could be summed up as the adjectives that describe the environment. Perhaps you want a “bright”, or “warm”, “colorful” environment and prefer all the choices in terms of materials, accessories and complements that satisfy this result. A concept is the logical thread that unites the elements of an environment and makes it coherent.

Let’s see together some bookcases from our catalog suitable for the most common furnishing styles.

modern library

A modern living room is characterized by simple and clean lines, neutral colors like white, gray or intense like black, and an essential look. Despite the preference for minimalism, the elements are chosen with special care and attention and an attempt is made to recreate a welcoming environment. The most suitable choices for a modern living room library are the equipped wall or a boiserie with shelves, an innovative and trendy solution that we will talk about in the next paragraph.

The Composition A121 is an elegant and linear suspended type wall system. The rectangular compartments follow one another in different formats, it is possible to find more or less voluminous shelves. The large central compartment allows you to house the TV, the open shelves allow you to display books and design accessories in an orderly way, while the doors at the base allow you to hide functional and less attractive elements inside.

classic library

A classic style bookcase is recognized for its antique charm and an elegant and refined line. The preferred colors for the shelves to be inserted in the living room are white or dark shades of wood such as walnut or wenge.

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Our Composition A117 it also lends itself to furnishing environments with a classic taste. The simplicity and rigor with which this bookcase is assembled make it an ideal complement even in traditional contexts. Showcase doors are a touch of class that will allow the library to house valuables while protecting them from dust.

If necessary, the central door can be turned to direct the TV to the corner of the living room you prefer.

Industrial composition for the living room

The industrial style has its roots in 1950s America, a time when many factories were abandoned to make way for residential settings. The apartments have retained some features of the old buildings such as exposed brick walls, concrete columns and metal pipes. These are the reasons why the industrial style still sports these particularities today.

A bookcase in an industrial loft can only be made of iron and wood or wood-effect material. Opt for a metal frame fine and regular shelves, or a bookcase in dark colored wood. Geometric precision and simplicity will be the winning cards to bring balance and style to an industrial context.

Our Composition A80 sees saffron yellow as a trendy color associated with darker anthracite tones: the library is resolutely young and in tune with the times. The metal frame will allow you to display your favorite books, plants or valuables. The material shelves distributed in a studied way do not weigh down the environment, on the contrary, an airy sense is perceived and this composition as a whole gives a refined profile to the living room.

Scandinavian library

The scandi living room is a bright and welcoming environment. It is inspired by Nordic culture and reflects the needs of those who live in these lands. The Scandinavians are countries in direct contact with nature, which is why we try to recreate interior spaces with drink and other natural fibers. The wood effect also makes it possible to create awarm environment in the living room, ideal in neutral or white color. The presence of large windows and the choice of light colors are preferable to let as much light as possible into the house. The Scandinavian style is minimal and should convey a sense of peace and tranquility.

A bookcase like A036 is perfect for decorating a living room wall. Light, delicate, a composition that offers open and closed shelves to organize the decorative accessories of the living room as you wish.

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Contemporary style compositions for the living room

The contemporary style retains some features of modern trends combined with classic elements. What does he borrow from both styles, exactly? The light and lively colors refer to classicism, as well as to that harmonious sense that characterizes the spaces.

The contemporary is also a minimalist trend just like the modern, it is therefore advisable to opt for a light and practical bookcase. The choice of materials used for the production of furniture and accessories is based on innovative solutions and latest generation products. Laminam and corian are two popular materials for many rooms in the house as well as melamine, the material chosen for our compositions for the living room. Some examples from our catalog?

Our Composition A77 it is an original choice for the living room, perfect for decorating the wall and at the same time making it functional. The Elle totem is a design element that fits into the base of the living room. The insert in slightly knotted material extends into the Panka tray and from a decorative element, it becomes a TV shelf.

The shelves placed at different heights make it possible to organize an area of ​​​​the living room in an orderly way and to place books, frames and functional objects for the environment. In addition, the shelves will allow you to display valuables, important furnishing accessories or designer sculptures that will make your stay precious and personal.

Dimensions for living room compositions

A spacious environment allows you to play with bookcases of the most varied sizes. You could place a bookcase on the entire wall, consider a corner solution or a suspended variant, but also consider a freestanding model with original shapes.

In any case, we recommend that you buy a bookcase with shelves of at least 28cm deep if your idea is to place books and magazines inside. Indeed, the average dimensions of these elements are about 20 cm. For the same purpose, the height to be assessed between one shelf and another is at least 30 cm.

Instead the length of the shelves? The length it varies according to the composition and the desired effect. The most requested measures are between i 50 and 100cm. In some cases, larger shelves are also used, up to 120 cm. It will be difficult to find dimensions larger than these, as the stability of the cabinet is compromised.

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