Modernity and geometry to furnish the bedroom

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Joker double bed and Hashtag bedroom furniture: the perfect solution

The bedroom is more than any other this room which must give sense of peace and well-being, both at bedtime before falling asleep, and in the morning as soon as you open your eyes. It must therefore accompany these two phases of the day in a way harmonious and comfortable. And, in this, the furniture plays its part, with modern and geometric lines, which give peace and visual satisfaction.

bedroom style

Although dormant, the bedroom is one of those rooms where you spend a good part of the day, and as such it must be organized in the best possible way. Above all, it must guarantee effective and regenerating rest, and for this the choice of bed must satisfy the eye, but it must also pay particular attention to comfort. No doubt then aesthetics and design the bed must be the main axis on which to base all the choice of furniture, since it is the dominant piece of furniture. As for the choice of bed, Jokerwith his modern lines and geometric is the best choice. The headboard with the contrasting band allows you to play on the combination of different shades of finishes to create the effect that best suits your style.

The combination of storage units

The choice of storage furniture for the bedroom should, first of all, be made so that it is in harmony with the double bed, and secondly, it should be a suite of space and well-being started from bed. In this the container furniture collection hashtag it is well suited for this purpose. Its well-defined lines and the graphic reference on the fronts of the drawers interact in an ideal way with the Joker bed.

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Colours, materials and finishes chosen with care, so as to blend harmoniously they will then create an intimate and welcoming environment but above all relaxing, without forgetting the style and the sophisticated modern and geometric design.

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