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Photo by Adam Patterson on Unsplash

If videos – tutorials on YouTube are no longer enough for your hobby, if you want to go beyond the “intuitive level” of your knowledge, carpentry lessons online are the answer.

the Carpenter is a craftsman specializing in construction And repair of wooden objects. A professional figure whose ability allows him to implement all the necessary phases of work activity. From the project, to the choice of materials, to construction and tofurniture assembly. Are you fascinated by all this? You want to make that piece of furniture with your own hands that you have been thinking about for a long time, but you are missing it the know-how of a real carpenter? To get professional results with DIY, I recommend Domestika online courses and follow the suggestions you will find on this page.

Domestika is the fastest growing creative community, where top experts share their knowledge and impart their skills through professionally produced online courses.

Become a carpentry expert.

If you want to learn how to build a coffee table for living roomor repair the kitchen chairfollow the courses of Domestic that we have selected for you.

From basic online carpentry courses to more advanced ones, you can become proficient in no time!

Domestika’s online courses give the notions to acquire the technical skills necessary for the manufacture of your wooden furniture.
During the lessons a real teacher will follow you effectively with his professional competence. For you, it will be as if you were in the laboratory with him.

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You may not become a skilled craftsman, but after online carpentry courses, you may be amazed with your manual skills.

Learn to master the technique to become a good furniture builder.

Let’s start with the basics.

The first of the courses I want to highlight is the one held by patrick ortega at the top Domestic. With the professional course for beginnershold byarchitect – carpenter Hispanic, you will be able to achieve professional results.

In particular, in this course you will learn how to build a rack cabinet with a sliding door. You will then discover how to carry out any project with similar characteristics. To do this, you won’t need any skilled experience, just a few basic tools: ruler, square, jigsaw, circular saw, trimmer, sandpaper, hammer and nothing else.

What is included in the course “Furniture design and construction for beginners”.

During the course, Patricio Ortega will tell you about his experiences and his idea of ​​design cabinetmaking.

It will tell you all about the three essential aspects that a piece of furniture must have: structural stability, functionality and aesthetic quality. Then you will learn the essential basics before starting any carpentry job. You will also see how important the organization of the workspace is.

Finally, you will start building your furniture from the selection of the material, to the procedure of marking and drilling the screws, finally to the assembly of the furniture.

The finishes and certain design details of the project are not overlooked. You will learn how to obtain a perfect sliding of the doors and apply the finish to the complete piece of furniture.

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To follow Domestika’s classes it’s simple: they are very practical and intuitive, you can activate the subtitles in Italian and also, once purchased, you can follow them as many times as you want, since they will be yours forever.

Register, create your account on Domestika and purchase the course: Design and construction of furniture for beginners.

See here all the carpentry courses available on Domestika.

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