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Create an exterior is an essential step to make it Cosmos of your home adapted to aesthetic and functional needs. when you speak furniture and furnishing accessories, on the one hand it is necessary to pay attention to the type of materials to be introduced and on the other hand to the harmony in the design. Contact details that help you choose correctly, even when talking about chairs for the garden. In this regard, there are a few little tricks that allow you not to be out of place in the galaxy of furnishing possibilities.

How to choose chairs for the garden: where to start so as not to be mistaken.

Lots of ideas for furniture and accessories for internal and external della casa are available among the new catalogs of the best home and garden design companies, but what are the criteria for choosing them? When it comes to designing the dream garden, one cannot ignore the importance of chairs in the balance offurniture, but not only: for the exterior, in fact, they must not only be beautiful and in harmony with the style of the house, but also comfortable. And particularly wearing. Depending on the choice, different effects will be obtained, also in terms of versatility.

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The best materials for garden chairs.

The first step to making an informed choice is to pay attention to me outdoor chair materials. You can choose one of natural furnishing solutionsusing wooden chairs matched with a nice table, in a style that can be classic or modern, or turn to steel, aluminum or resin. Even the textilenesynthetic material interwoven with polyester fibers, is part of the range of solutions to consider (also because it is practically eternal and very easy to clean).

Among the alternatives, there is also room for the hypothesis of recycling: recovering old wooden chairs can be fun and perfect for giving free rein to your creativity, but it is also an excellent opportunity to save someone who can bring back to life a piece of the past to which you are particularly attached, under the sign of respect for the environment when you need to furnish outdoor spaces.

The rule of thumb, however, is to make sure you buy or restore chairs – like everyone else furniture and accessories garden – which have a certain resistance to weather and sunlight. If you have little time, it is better to opt for chairs that do not require maintenance and never forget to cover them if they are placed on stable ground outside, especially in case of bad weather or intense heat or cold. It will also significantly reduce the time of cleaning.

The design of the chairs for the garden must also take into account the spaces.

Another key note for choosing the right garden chairs is to have a clear idea of ​​the pattern, which can range from classic to modern with an endless series of variations according to taste and need. You can choose deeper sessions for the ultimate in convenience, as well as a back high or low, chairs with or without armrests, but there is one constant that must guide the decision: the size of the space to be fitted out.

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If you have a large garden, of a size that allows a furnishing solution without too many compromises, the choice can certainly be bulky reclining chairs or those that cannot be stacked, as well as Rocking chairs. Otherwise, in the presence of small gardensit is essential to carefully evaluate the choice of creating a versatile piece of furniture which, thanks to the use of space-saving elements such as stackable or folding chairs, allows you to reshape the arrangement as needed. In addition, these types of chairs can easily be placed in a corner of the garden when not in use, thus gaining more “free range” to stay outside and perhaps sunbathe, or allow children to play without obstacles. Finally, if you want to create a dining room that also serves as relaxation area outside, opt for garden armchairs equipped cushions It’s ideal.

Garden chairs matching the table: how to choose them.

Another important chapter in the process of choosing garden chairs concerns the harmony of the whole furniture and the ease of use. This is all the more true when they come from game with a tablewhether it is a dining room or a small table for an aperitif: you must always pay attention to the height of the seats to avoid errors that compromise the comfort.

Be careful therefore to choose according to the height of the table and, another thing to take into consideration, the depth of session. Often, in fact, we are mistaken in choosing chairs that are perhaps more “stylish” and particular, but uncomfortable, introducing design notes to the detriment of the real result in terms of comfort. Giving in to an aesthetic whim, neglecting functionality, can really turn the exterior into a corner that is not really relaxing.

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