Piombini: furniture of entirely Italian design and quality

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How to furnish the house? By choosing only quality furniture, handmade with Italian passion. If there is an environment on which we must concentrate, to make it perfect from all points of view, it is the house, this place where we take refuge, relax, daydream. With Piombiniit is possible to furnish the rooms by investing on Italian craftsmanship: the best in the world, a timeless design.

Piombini Furniture has a story behind it, a tradition that has lasted for over a hundred years. And that would be enough to conquer us: after all, when there is passion, it shows. THE Piombini designer furniture they suggest charm, quality, excellence, Italian manufacturing. What better way to make our home even more beautiful? Let’s find out more about their company and the products they sell.

The history of Piombini furniture

There is a lot of furniture brand today, but often they do not pay the right attention to materials, to trends, and there is not in their “recipe” what is expected of furniture, that is to say quality, design, passion. Piombini furniture is handmade by Italian craftsmen: a hundred years of history, for four generations who have supported it Italian style in the world of furniture.

The history of this company is particular: their values ​​are based on quality, on uniqueness And on Italianness. They have chosen to aim for a decisive mix to create furniture that differentiates itself from competitors and other brands, perpetuating the tradition, but without putting aside the creativity And innovation.

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Creation of the furniture by hand it is a vocation: to materials choice of the highest quality up to design project, it’s more than an idea, because you have to give an imprint, a style. For this reason, the Italian craftsmen of Piombini follow the creation of each piece of furniture perfectly, until the final result.

Italian craftsmanship, why choose it for the home

handcrafted furniture lately he’s been experiencing a new lymph. Yes, more and more people choose to focus on the Italian design of the past, integrating tradition into their environments. Between essential details and defined lines, the Piombin furniture selectioni is heavily Italian-based. The personalizationMoreover, it is an extremely widespread feature for the company, which has made it a real value.

THE Piombini furniture is Made in Italy: they also support and promote the traditions of our country, and with immense pride. On them catalogin which we find the “the furniture as it once was“, The choice is endless: the dresser And night tables, beliefs And beliefsbut also libraries And officeswith the inevitable Italian design signatureattentive to the quality of the materials chosen and the resistance over time.

The design of Piombini furniture: the spearhead

THE quality accessories by Piombini they are made from the material, which is the basis of every piece of furniture, since a balance must be achieved between design and functionality. The materials research by Piombini it is very high: not only will it support the craftsmanship of the product, but it tries to offer a way to enrich the house, giving it a kind of soul for all intents and purposes.

This – unique – Italian design has never been lost to this day and is a real point of reference for furnish our rooms. And this is perhaps one of the great strengths of the brand: it allows us to go back in time, perhaps to find a way to make a modern bedroom, bringing a pinch of Italian flair to our home. We can’t imagine anything better than a comfortable environment, with prestigious, handmade furniture: when it comes to furniture, we always choose only the best, which can also make us happy.

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