Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors That Look Like Swiss Coffee

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Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors That Look Like Swiss Coffee

Considering that Swiss Coffee is a popular shade that people are constantly looking for, it’s no surprise that many are looking for such a variation from the famous paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams. Let’s be clear ! The Swiss Coffee paint color that most people refer to is Benjamin Moore. To be precise – Swiss Coffee OC-45. Yet there is another Swiss Coffee at Behr, which is not so far from the essence of the previous shade. Either way, they’re both warm off-white shades with a light creamy base and delicate beige undertones that are exceptionally soft. On top of that, they are versatile and work with almost any style, offering a refined feeling of comfort and enriching the space with a soothing feeling of sleek contemporary.

Back to Sherwin-Williams. Unfortunately, this manufacturer does not have a shade named like this, although the range of alternatives they offer that meet all the standards mentioned will make you forget the name and focus on the inner beauty of the options available. that resonate with nature. of Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore since we stick to this one as a reference. The list of alternative paint colors offer quite a similar effect, with some even bringing something new for an updated perspective on the all-time favorite Swiss coffee.

An off-white shade with creamy undertones and a neutral base that keeps the color from reaching a yellow level. Unlike Swiss Coffee, it may seem slightly more intense, although this depends on the lighting. In general, they are very similar, which brings a no less similar effect to the interior.

As with Swiss coffee, alabaster is suitable for any room and works well outside the home. It pairs perfectly with other neutrals to preserve the monochromatic approach for a contemporary feel. Yet it is a no less perfect background for the most daring accents and combines harmoniously with the texture of the wood.

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Incredibly identical shade to Swiss Coffee, which suffices to say that everything the latter reproduces can also be said about Greek Villa. One cannot help noticing the same refinement produced by the soft notes of beige.

Following in the footsteps of Swiss Coffee, SW’s alternative also works perfectly for any room and style, combining with many shades and textures for a similar soft effect. Greek Villa never ceases to impress with its suitability for modern interiors and exteriors, from the living room walls to the kitchen cabinets and front door.

Classic Light Chamois SW 0050

Remarkable alternative to Swiss coffee with slightly warmer notes, which are not so noticeable. For the rest, a balanced off-white with creamy scents and subtle hints of beige – just like its counterpart. Particular lighting conditions would certainly cool the warmer index and make this paint color identical to the BM variation.

All of Swiss Coffee’s own design solutions opt for Classic Light Buff, unless you want to emphasize the slightly warmer feature, which requires more wood texture. The result is pretty much the same, although it might look a bit more inviting.

Cotton SW 9581

Again, an identical variation and only the slightly higher LRV of that particular hue would set them apart. As with Swiss Coffee, this off-white contains just the right amount of warmth.

As you probably guessed, Cotton behaves similarly to Swiss Coffee when it comes to interior and exterior design. Start with him as a background and continue with any style direction, applying any design solution, while the warm shade of white will add the right amount of comfort. It should be noted that particular conditions can cause this paint color to look colder, which is worth trying.

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Westhighland White SW 7566

Although with a higher LRV, Westhighland White is almost the same as Swiss Coffee. It is nonetheless soft, warm and welcoming. The creamy base is just another reason to fall in love with this shade as well.

What about its integration? Well, the same design solutions that work for Swiss Coffee also work for this outstanding alternative. Proper interplay with lighting shades and neighboring colors can provide a slightly different effect unless that’s not what you’re looking for.

Cold foam SW 9504

The further we go, the more the shades seem identical. Again, the slightly higher LRV is the one that makes the difference, while the look is the same either way. Cold Foam has it all – the neutral base, the creamy notes, the light beige touch and the irreplaceable fluffy effect.

Do their indoor and outdoor integrations go hand in hand? You can safely use SW’s alternative for any design solution that seems suitable for Swiss Coffee. Fancy a monochromatic interior with a unique background or an original backdrop for your bold accents? Cold foam at your disposal.

Not far from Swiss Coffee, this variant is a little warmer. The same neutral base, creamy touch and exquisite softness are also part of this paint color. If a slightly warmer effect seems closer to you, feel free to opt for this particular shade.

If you want to keep the effect slightly warmer, consider pairing Dover White with the wood texture so it can reveal its softer side. Still, if a more neutral Swiss cafe look appeals to you, opt for cool matching colors to balance out the environment.

White Tail SW 7103

Very close to Swiss Coffee, but still a bit lighter and slightly warmer. Particular lighting conditions can provide a variation that perfectly replicates the inner beauty of BM’s warm off-white, while appropriately chosen neighboring colors preserve the original warm feeling that this shade hides.

The impressive flexibility of this paint color that can take any direction opens up a wide range of possibilities, from the simplest to the most daring solution. Either way, Whitetail serves as a backdrop and does a fabulous job of highlighting even the most neutral elements.

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