Shower rim: what it is, types, advantages and other useful information

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Shower rim: what it is, types, advantages and other useful information

Whether you know what a shower curb is or are still wondering what lies between that term, we’d like to introduce you to the shower curb from a new perspective, offering an updated guide to what it is. must be considered about an element that is undoubtedly part of the bathroom. Let’s scroll through the key features, types, and benefits that define a curb and contrast it with one of its closest cousins ​​- a shower niche.

Bathroom shower rim: what is it?

Put simply, a shower ledge is that part of the bathroom that sits within the shower area, with an exterior wall that runs along the main wall until it reaches half of the total height. The result is a sleek shelf that goes with the overall design, almost fading into the background and providing storage space for shower essentials. In a few words – functional, with a modern spirit and exceptionally practical.

Shower rim vs. Niche: what’s the difference?

Although these two items are close in terms of practical use, they differ in appearance and structure. Since you know what a shower ledge is, let’s see how it differs from a niche. To be precise, a shower niche looks like a built-in shelf, which is limited on all sides and requires good planning beforehand, considering the space needed to store all the elements.

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Aesthetically, a niche looks more sophisticated, while the simple line of a shower ledge is more pleasing to the eye. Undoubtedly, the ledge is easier to fit into the interior due to its simple design.

Why opt for a shower curb

  • A new accent. The shower ledge can be safely incorporated as an accent as long as it showcases a material of a different color or texture in contrast to the main wall;
  • Unlimited storage space. You can probably be limited in the number of items but not in their size, by going for shampoo bottles as big as you want, because the shower rim has no upper limit to restrict you;
  • Perfect choice for large families. You can consider a shower curb of any length if space permits, which is the most practical option for families with multiple members.
  • Works with both traditional and modern models. Despite its relatively modern appearance, a shower ledge fits well in traditional bathrooms, especially where functionality is a priority;
  • A floating shelf without floating elements. By placing bathroom items on the ledge, you can create the illusion of a floating shelf if that’s your desire;
  • Easy to maintain. Most of the time, the sills are made of the same material as the main wall, which is usually covered with tiles, and a simple damp cloth is more than enough, especially if the surface is stained with shampoo or other products;
  • Extra space for decoration. Besides shower products, you can easily decorate this space with items that match your sense of beauty, with green spaces being one of the best options, especially those who have nothing against humid spaces.
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What is the standard height of the shower rim?

Generally, you can consider any height that works for you. However, if you want to go standard, consider a height of 36″ – 40″ (91.5 – 101.5 cm) from the shower floor.

What type of shower sill is best to consider?

The variety of types does not offer options that differ in terms of quality or integration. They are all designed to aesthetically enrich the interior with functional storage spaces. However, the type you choose depends entirely on space availability, overall design and personal preference.

Is it appropriate to use a shower ledge in the tub area?

The shower ledge is welcome in any space where you can take a shower. Nevertheless, do not forget to consider a lower height in this case for convenient use of the ledge so that you can easily reach the products if you decide to take a bath. The same goes if you have young children, choose an appropriate height depending on whether you want them to reach the ledge or not.

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