Stone Wall Design Ideas For Your Dining Room: Bring The Textured Authenticity

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Stone Wall Design Ideas For Your Dining Room: Bring The Textured Authenticity

An accent wall is always welcome in the interior, especially if it is designed taking into account the latest trends. According to current trends, bringing the outdoors inside as much as possible and connecting with nature are the main aspects to consider in a contemporary interior. In an age where nature-inspired texture and color are simply unmissable in interior design, nothing will meet all of these standards better than an accent stone wall.

Today, we are talking more particularly about the dining room. Depending on the style, preferences and overall design, the accent wall should fit into the interior, because it has always been part of it. That’s why we’ve come up with a series of great suggestions on how to make the most of a stone wall in the dining room. We are simply in love with these ideas and are sure you will feel the same. Enjoy the touch of inspiration!

As natural as possible

Consider a wall, cover it entirely with stones of all kinds and leave it in its natural texture. Let the raw surface permeate the space and enrich it with a rustic feel, whether your dining room is designed in the rustic style or not. Even the most modern space would benefit from a touch of uneven surfaces. The more natural it looks, the more authentic the result.

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Again, choose the type of stone you want and paint it all white for a mix of new and old, modern and traditional, soft and rough. As an alternative, you can consider a single coat of paint, which will let the natural texture reveal itself slightly for a sophisticated look. Against such a background, each piece of furniture will acquire an accent look, providing a contrasting modern mood.

Game of contrast

Make sure the texture and color of the stone contrasts with the general interior or at least the background color to give an authentic accent to the style. It can either harmonize with the furniture or stand out for its uniqueness in a rather minimalist interior. It should be noted that the chairs at the dining table should not blend into the background of the accent wall.

fireplace accent wall

One solution to handle two design tasks – consider covering the area around the fireplace, if there is one, with stone and, at the same time, add an accent wall to your interior. Such an approach will double the comfort and create a pleasant mood in the dining room. An impressive effect has the black stone accent wall of this kind, elevating the interior as a whole.

Rustic or Modern?

Go for a completely rustic interior with the stone wall as the defining element of this style, fully revealing its natural texture, accompanied by an untreated wood texture for furniture and other elements. Moreover, enrich the interior with some modern units, such as industrial light sources, upholstered chairs or contemporary decorative pieces to adapt the style to modern approaches, where the stone wall serves as a transition from the old to new.

A contemporary sense of natural

A stone wall looks no less impressive in a fully modern interior with a minimalist layout, a simple approach to decorating and a rather neutral outlook on color. The same accent wall should be kept in a monochromatic or slightly contrasting palette for a smooth transition. At the same time, furniture should be kept as simple and natural as possible to define the texture of the dining room.

Alternative stone textures

Instead of stone, you can opt for the more affordable brick texture. We are not talking about the bold red brick, but especially about the one that perfectly reproduces the surface of the stone. You can either leave it as it is or cover it with white paint. Such an approach to the accent wall will effectively fit into modern dining rooms, bringing the desired textured effect.

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