Suspended sanitary ware vs floor sanitary ware

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When choosing to renovate your bathroom, you have to make several important choices that impact day-to-day life. Certainly one of the most important concerns sanitary facilities.

For these bathroom elements there are many aspects to decide including:

  • Color,
  • the size,
  • taps and closing systems,
  • form,
  • typology.

The aspect that impacts more than all the others in the daily life of those who live in the house is precisely the typology. Indeed, for ten years, toilets detached from the ground, called suspended, have been built. This guy immediately saw favor in the market.

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Suspended sanitary ware

Suspended bathroom lights are a relatively recent novelty and immediately caught the attention of the public and therefore we can find them in many homes. Basically the reason is obvious: not being placed on the ground it becomes very easy to clean and to pass the cloth under them.

We all know how much dirt hides between an old toilet and the wall. In particular, because older bathrooms have bathroom fixtures detached from the wall.

Floor sanitary

Over the years, this bathroom element has also changed a lot. In fact, as we mentioned above, once they were detached from the wall, now they are almost all flush with the wall. This means that there is no need to clean behind and above all that they adopt a remarkable and highly sought-after design line.

Pro and Sanitari account suspended or on the ground

THE sanitary suspended they contribute to a cleaner and more orderly overall atmosphere.

The advantages of suspended toilets are their functionality: being practically raised from the floor, it is possible to eliminate germs and bacteria by passing under them with the cloth (which is not possible with those fixed to the floor) for a maximum hygiene.

However, it is necessary to have pipes and drains strictly on the wall. Indeed, in old houses there are only toilets on the ground, while in new ones they are generally equipped with suspended toilets.

But be careful, the thickness of the wall should never be less than 10 cm, because it would not support a wall-hung toilet and bidet. Indeed, the latter can support up to 400 kg of weight and this means that they must be fixed with important supports.

Essentially suspended toilets have a higher cost than those on the ground.

In a small bathroom, suspended sanitary ware is perfect. While in recent years floor sanitary ware has become very fashionable, as it has very elegant lines.

In addition, in the suspended sanitized products, no special glue or silicone is needed to fix them to the ground (since they are suspended), thus also avoiding the very unpleasant effect of the silicone that darkens over the years.

The last advantage of suspended toilets is their silence, in fact, they do not drain water on the ground like common toilets, they drain it on the wall. This avoids the propagation of disturbing and perceptible vibrations on the floor.

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In summary, if you have a small bathroom and you need to make it as practical and functional as possible, suspended sanitary ware is the best choice. But pay attention to the thickness of the wall where you want to fix them.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a designer bathroomelegant and refined, then choose toilets on the floor and flush with the wall.

If you have a limited budget, it is better to opt for the classic toilets to be placed on the floor detached from the wall. There are almost always great deals on these products.

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