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the Switch® mattress, is a revolutionary product intended for the sleep of the little ones. Unlike others on the market, it is the ideal mattress to accompany the sleep of children and adolescents from three years old to adulthood. Thanks to patented system four different supports integrated into a single mattress, Switch® it adapts to the different stages of growth of your children.

It’s a children’s mattress from quality, destined to last a long time. I saw opinions and the different opinions in this regard, its purchase seems to be really advantageous. What is certain is that buying just one mattress means less environmental impact and lower overall cost.

Choose the best mattress.

What parent wouldn’t want the best for their children? From bedroom furniture, to games, to mattresses, the choice of products dedicated to them is wide, but not always easy. Speaking of mattresses, there may be doubts as to which one is best. sleep of the little ones. If yes, reading this article can help you.

Mattress and growth.

We parents are so concerned about the orthopedic aspect of the mattress to be used for our children. Of course, it is very important, but it is not the only one that we must take into account.

the peaceful and uninterrupted sleep it is essential for the healthy and regular growth of children.

We all know a good mattress has to do the right thing spine support And adapt to weight and to body shape. In the case of children, the spine is still developing and their body shape is constantly changing, as is their weight. children need mattresses suitable for these physical changes And guarantee a natural and healthy sleep.

The importance of sleep in the growth of children.

Newborns sleep an average of sixteen hours a day, while children aged three to five should sleep at least twelve hours. A child’s sleep is essential for healthy growth and psychophysical well-being. As it is easy to guess, the correct choice of a children’s mattress it is a delicate subject. It is about guaranteeing our children a good quality and duration of sleep.

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Children’s bodies, just as they sleep, produce somatotropinthat is to say growth hormone. This is essential from infancy through puberty. Good nutrition, together with adequate sleep, is essential for its production.

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The habit of sleeping badly or badly can affect the hormonal balance. In fact, several studies show that sleep deprivation is linked to the development of diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Tips to promote a better quality of sleep.

  1. Your children’s room should be cleaned regularly. Avoid the use of upholstered furnishing accessories as much as possible. These by retaining dust can accommodate the dreaded mites.
  2. Darken the room well. Darkness is essential for quality sleep and even skin at a child’s age regenerates in darkness.
  3. Mattresses should be changed according to the different stages of growth.

Regarding the last of the three tips, a few clarifications are useful.

  • A child, from newborn to three years old, sleeps on a 60 x 125 cm bed mattress. These are natural fiber mattresses with anti-suffocation and anti-mite characteristics.
  • It is only after the age of three that the child moves to a larger bed with a higher mattress (between 10 and 13 cm) capable of supporting the weight of the older child. This mattress measures 70 x 140 cm and is suitable for up to seven years. It is then necessary to change the mattress (and cot) to switch to a mattress of 80 x 190 cm or 90 x 190 cm.

Why choose the Switch ® mattress.

Rather than buying a mattress adapted to each stage of growth, we often opt for a standard size 80 x 190cm which can accommodate the child up to 13 or 15 years old. Other times, the alternative is to buy age-appropriate but low-cost mattresses, as they are considered “transient mattresses”. These are all options, however, which do not take into account the sleep quality.

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One mattress is not worth the other.

To properly support the body and avoid bad posture during sleep, the mattress must offer the right lift to the different parts of the body. The differentiated zone theory it provides, for example, that the shoulders find a soft and delicate welcome. Conversely, the heaviest and lowest part of the body requires firmer support in order to keep the spine aligned. This theory is also valid for children, except that the distance between the different parts of the body changes as they grow.

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Since one mattress is not as good as another, it is better to choose one that can accompany the growth of our children well. the Switch® mattress it is specially designed for this purpose and can be used from the age of three until beyond adolescence.

Switch ® Mattress technology.

The patent of Switch® mattress it’s based on four faces (two on each side). These have been designed so that, once the mattress is placed in the desired position, each of them provides the required lift.

To arrange the region you do not need to mount any additional components. Simply twist and turn the mattress in the desired direction. As mentioned, there are four areas, each of them is well marked with a number.

The various bearing capacities are studied on the basis of the tables of growth percentiles. Based on these values, the four zones are calibrated so that they always provide the right support.

The different bearing capacities are made engrave mattress body. The more material removed from the cuts, the lower the bearing capacity of the mattress and vice versa. The slope and proximity between the cuts also affects the final result.

  1. baby side. Designed for a lightweight support but not too stiffideal for a child go three to six years up to 100 cm high.
  2. Child side. Just flip the mattress to the other end to get one gentle lift, but also a bit more elastic. This side is child friendly six to nine years oldup to 125 cm high.
  3. Young side. Flipping the mattress over to the other side, you will find this area designed to more elastic support in heights up to about 150 cm. This is the ideal side for children 10 to 12 years old.
  4. Teen side. Turning around once more at the other end, you get an area with more calibrated and differentiated lifting capacities. It’s perfect for following the adolescent to adulthood.

How it’s made.

Knowing that choosing a good children’s mattress must also take into account the quality and safety of the materials with which it is made, let’s see with which materials Switch ® is made.

The mattress is very breathable and has no memory foam parts. This is certainly positive since memory is not recommended in mattresses intended for children. It does not provide sufficient support for the child and tends to retain the heat of children who sweat a lot until the age of eight.

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The inner sheet of the mattress consists of two layers of polyurethane foam. The internal alveolar structure, breathable and non-deformable, is obtained with techniques of water extruding which removes all moisture. The two layers are perfectly coupled and have different coloring and bearing capacity. Orange polyurethane is softer than green polyurethane which is stiffer.

The glue used is water-based and does not contain harmful substances such as i VOC (volatile organic compounds) harmful to the environment and people.

the polyester fibers stuffing, as well as that of the threads for the seams, are obtained recycle plastic recovered from the oceans. Yarns that are lighter and more efficient than traditional yarns and that reduce the environmental impact.

100% cotton lining it is divided into two parts to facilitate washing in the washing machine. In addition, the textile materials used are certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 for product class I. The strictest class that certifies a product suitable for children.


With all these points in favor, it is not difficult to see why this baby mattress has many favorable reviews among those who have purchased it.

From my point of view, the technical characteristics suggest an excellent production of a good design idea. In addition, the mattress is certified CertiPUR® regarding the environmental sustainability, safety and healthiness of the polyurethane used.

If we add to all this 10 year warranty it’s a 101 night trial period that the young manufacturing company offers to its customers, really the Switch® mattress represents the best choice among children’s mattresses.

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