The best wallcovering options for your interior

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The best wallcovering options for your interior

If you’re thinking of giving your home decor a makeover or just wondering what the best wall covering options are, we’ve got you covered. Doing research on the subject, we have compiled a list of the most popular wall covering ideas, which are appreciated not without reason by both designers and homeowners. In this article, we reveal some of the inner beauty of each type so you can get a clear picture of what suits which style, budget, and design technique.

To paint

  • Affordable price
  • Works for all styles, regardless of design approach; whether modern or traditional
  • Suitable for all rooms in the house

Going for wall paint has become a trend lately, especially when paint manufacturers offer such a variation of colors. Homeowners no longer want to disturb their peaceful surroundings with striking patterns and color combinations. Going with a single-color background suits them, and the designers are here to support that idea.

Emulsion paint

Water-based paint with color pigments stuck in polymers. Once the paint begins to dry, these polymers are released and, as they coalesce, they lead to an even coat of paint. After that, it is simply impossible to wash it off the wall.

enamel paint

A solvent-based paint, also known as oil-based paint, which reveals a hard layer resembling a shell of glass when completely dry. It is used for the well-known shiny effect that lasts long and is easy to wash off, which adds to its practicality.

tempera painting

Water-based paint, composed of pigment and chalk, the ancestor of contemporary paints. Its composition also includes an adhesive substance of animal origin used as a glue. It is less durable than previous types of paint, but it works great for interiors.


  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for all styles, depending on the color and patterns chosen
  • Suitable for all rooms, depending on top layer

You don’t need to be a pro to decorate your walls with wallpaper unless you want a 100% flawless result. The best part about this option is that it has the widest array of designs in terms of colors and patterns. Next comes the top layer, which allows you to use wallpaper in different rooms, even in the bathroom. Let’s see what variations this option has!


No additional material, just paper. Although the latest types tend to do away with it, paper wallpaper remains the original, and its relatively matte surface, which looks natural and textured, is an effect sought by most homeowners and designers.

leaf wallpaper

Highly reflective wallpaper with a polished metal base that hides behind its shiny effect. Since it effortlessly highlights flaws in the wall, you need to make sure the surface is even before decorating the wall. As for the result, it brings a metallic effect to the space, which goes rather well with styles that call for a note of dazzling opulence.

Flocked wallpaper

Luxurious wallpaper with a velvet top surface on a paper base, which brings a feeling of textured elegance. Still, you have to consider that this wallpaper option is expensive, not so easy to maintain and works mostly for low traffic areas.

Vinyl wallpaper

The most common type of wallpaper that undoubtedly has paper at the base and assumes a vinyl top layer. It is a favorite among other types due to its durability and ease of maintenance. The vinyl surface repels moisture, steam and stains making it perfect for the kitchen and bathroom.

bamboo wallpaper

Delicate wallpaper with an eco-friendly paper base and a natural bamboo surface. Rich textured wallpaper stands out among other types, although you cannot wash it and it is mostly suitable for low traffic areas.

Treatment of wooden walls

  • Quite expensive considering natural wood
  • Suitable Loft, Rustic, Country and Scandi
  • Works for any room in the house

Decorating walls with wood has always been a fashionable design technique. In addition to thermal and sound insulation, the wooden cladding offers comfort and naturalness. Different options are available to you, from natural wood surfaces to painted wood, including full-height or half-height coverings, thinner or wider panels. You can go so far as to cover all the walls in a room with wood. While it works best for the previously mentioned styles, wood also works perfectly for any other design approach in smaller proportions, such as an accent wall.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for contemporary approaches to styling
  • Fits into any room

A well-known paste of cement, stone particles and other natural materials used as a decorative layer on walls. Typically applied as a protective layer, an appropriate approach to composition and color can lead to a rather unusual wall treatment, which again can be adapted to any style. You have the choice between a mineral plaster with a natural composition that lets the walls breathe, an acrylic plaster with a flexible composition that is easy to apply to the wall or a silicate plaster with a durable surface that is insensitive to humidity.

Ceramic tiles

  • The price depends on the material
  • Convenient to use
  • Fits into any room

The first thing that catches your eye is the functionality of this option, which makes it a perfect choice for high traffic areas, especially for the kitchen and bathroom. Yet the latest trends suggest considering ceramic tiles in other rooms as well, and a perfect combination of color and material can fit just about any style. Like wallpaper, the variety of ceramic tiles is so wide that one can simply be overwhelmed by the patterns, shapes, colors and textures available.


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for relatively traditional interiors
  • Works for any room in the house

Ease of installation, the ability to effortlessly reproduce complex shapes and the variety of finishing options relate to the well-known gypsum board with which designers like to work in interiors. You can use this option to enrich your space with a true masterpiece, incorporate sophisticated neoclassical designs, or even completely cover the walls with flexible planks ready to cater to your sense of beauty.

stone wall treatment

  • Dear
  • In harmony with Loft, Scandi, Classic, Modern
  • Works for any space if integrated appropriately

One of the most expensive and original design solutions. Whether you are considering an accent wall or covering all the walls in the room with stone, your interior will instantly stand out. Still, stone works best for large rooms as it tends to slightly overwhelm the environment. When it comes to options, there is a wide range of possibilities, from untreated stone pieces of various sizes to repetitive stone patterns and showy brick cladding, which can be left exposed or painted.

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