The charm of ventless fireplaces

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Why choose ventless fireplaces for furniture? Discover all the advantages and particularities of modern fireplaces: maximum heat without ash, without smoke or the maintenance required by a traditional fireplace.

Technological innovation has also had a significant impact in the field of chimneyswhich are traditionally considered furnishing elements of the past or in any case difficult to place in modern contexts.

With ventless fireplaces, everything has changed: it is possible to have a fireplace in the house even if you live in a condominium, moreover, those who live in an independent house and prefer not to have to deal with ashes and smoke, can now enjoy the warmth of a fireplace thanks to a modern fireplace.

The company British firesspecialized in the distribution of designer ventless fireplaces for more than 30 years, explains to you what the advantages of this choice are and why these fireplaces are meeting with growing success.

What are modern fireplaces without ventilation

One of the main features of all types of ventless fireplaces is theflame effect: no type of modern fireplace uses wood as fuel, but the flame has an equally suggestive impact, although in the absence of fire.

Here are the types of modern flueless fireplaces: bio fireplaces, electric fireplaces and gas fireplaces.

THE bio fireplaces they use bioethanol as fuel, a non-toxic denatured ethyl alcohol that comes from the fermentation of biomass like sugar beets and tubers. When the bioethanol burns inside the tank, it releases carbon dioxide and water vapor in minimal amounts and a flame is generated from the alcohol vapors, with an effect similar to that of a fireplace wood burning but without ashes or smoke.

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To increase the realistic effect and have the feeling of being in front of a fireplace with wood and fire, you can use the ceramic fiber wood: this decorative element is placed around the flame and does not wear out over time, so it is very easy to create this suggestive atmosphere without having to worry about lighting the fire.

THE electric fireplaces they work with a simple socket, so you can install them practically anywhere without particular limitations (in particular: models without heating function, exclusively decorative, can be placed anywhere in the house).

The flame effect is due toLED lightingwhich not only allows you to recreate a realistic flame, but also, in some fireplace models, to change the color of the flame via App or remote control, an innovation that makes these fireplaces very popular with those who want to furnish a modern environment.

As far as I’m concerned gas fireplacesit is advisable to know the differences between the hearths with catalytic technology and balanced flow. Fireplaces equipped with a catalyst filter the residual combustion gases, transforming them into water vapor and carbon dioxide; almost all the heat generated by these fireplaces is rejected to the environment, so the thermal efficiency is very close to 100%.

To install them, it is necessary to prepare two air inlets with a minimum size of 100 cm2 each, moreover the air inlets to be created vary according to the power of the fireplace.

THE balanced flow chimneysto be installed, they require that the gas pipe and the current point be present where you intend to place the fireplace and are suitable for heating even medium-sized rooms.

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Combustion takes place in a sealed chamber and does not consume the oxygen of the room in which they are installed.

Another convenience of all modern fireplaces is the ease of ignition and the remote control: it is really nice to be in the living room and light the fireplace in seconds, enjoying the warmth and beauty of the hearth.

4 reasons to choose a ventless fireplace

Anyone who has never had a ventless fireplace at home before should know the advantages of choosing a modern fireplace, which we could summarize as follows:

Ease of installation: no more space problems or the need to do masonry work or renovate an environment. You can have a fireplace even in a small house.

Maximum functionality: the maintenance of these fireplaces is really simple, since they do not need to be cleaned after each use and ignition is immediate. In addition, unlike the classic fireplace, there is no need to store wood!

Wide choice of models: as the British Fires catalog shows, there are many different models in terms of style and functionality, ideal to meet the needs of very different customers.

Original and modern design: the variety of models, referred to the design, allows you to place the fireplace in different types of environments, therefore not only apartments but also hotels, spas and wellness centers, to name a few some.

All modern fireplaces have a unique charm, let your own taste guide your choice and embellish your home with a truly exclusive piece of furniture.

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