Wallpaper in the bathroom: advantages and disadvantages

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Whatever room we are talking about, a makeover breathes new life into the interior. Today we refer to the bathroom, and the perspective becomes a little blurry. Here we have to deal with a skillful enemy – humidity since we consider whether the wallpaper is suitable or not. Obviously, the final decision is yours. Nevertheless, we hope that the following advantages and disadvantages of decorating the bathroom with wallpaper will be useful.

Why say “yes” to wallpaper in the bathroom


Genuine marble or stone tiles that complement any bathroom aesthetic are quite expensive, especially when it comes to a large bathroom. Simultaneously, current wallpaper production techniques offer quality replicas of these materials at an affordable price. This works best for you if you don’t plan to spend a lot on bathroom wall cladding, if you have a very large bathroom, or both.

Ease of replacement

Since wallpaper is much more affordable than tiles, for example, you can easily replace them with new ones whenever you get bored of the current design. Plus, the process doesn’t take much effort, which doubles the likelihood that you’ll want to change the look of your bathroom from time to time.

Impressive range of colors and patterns

Unlike other wall treatment options, wallpapers offer the widest range of design possibilities. Literally any color you want, any pattern that feels closer to you, any style that suits your interior, and more – any preference of your choice at the best prices.

Cover blemishes

There are black sheep in every flock and it’s quite common for bathroom walls to have a few imperfections. Yet there are solutions to any problem. Simply covering these flaws with wallpaper is the cheapest and quickest way to get rid of blemishes, although you should ensure that particular areas are treated appropriately beforehand.

Effortless installation

Almost anyone can decorate the walls with wallpaper. Opting for this solution in your bathroom will not take much time, will not require a pro, and will not involve certain professional skills.

Why say “no” to wallpaper in the bathroom

Doesn’t get along well with humidity

It’s as clear as day that once the interior of the bathroom gets into the chat, we can’t ignore humidity, which is the No. 1 enemy of wallpaper, which either will get wet, will have his motives ruined, and the worst case scenario – he will peel off.

Subject to stains

It depends on the case, but from time to time we all have to deal with plumbing problems, and the wallpaper may get a few spots here and there that get worse over time. This is just one of the likely reasons disregarding bathroom product stains.

Having to deal with mold

Maybe your bathroom isn’t prone to mold, or maybe it is. Either way, there’s no better place for mold to grow than under wallpaper, unless you really don’t have a mold problem. Yet, such a scenario is not safe for you or your wallpaper, which will be instantly ruined.

If you’re still deciding on wallpaper in the bathroom or aren’t sure yet, the following tips will probably help:

  • Consider vinyl wallpaper, which works particularly well in spaces with high humidity due to its moisture resistance;
  • Cover the wallpaper with varnish, preserving your favorite pattern and ensuring that moisture and stains will not reach it;
  • Prepare the walls beforehand by applying anti-mold products that even out the surface and ward off mold;
  • Make sure the door and windows are left open as much as possible to prevent humidity from going overboard, and worse, creating perfect conditions for mold to grow;
  • Take care of the wallpaper surface by regularly removing dust; as for how to do this, it depends on whether it is vinyl (with a damp sponge) or simple wallpaper (with a feather duster).

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