Want a luxurious bathroom? Here are 6 valuable tips

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Want a luxurious bathroom?  Here are 6 valuable tips

Everyone looks forward to relaxation after a hard day’s work. You can treat yourself to a massage or a spa for maximum relaxation but this cannot be an everyday affair. The second best option is to freshen up in a luxurious bathroom. It takes away the fatigue of the whole day. There are many ways to transform your bathroom into a luxurious abode. This does not necessarily mean having to spend a lot of money. A few changes here and there, and your luxurious bathroom is ready. Here are 6 valuable tips.

1. Choice of tiles

A bathroom that looks spacious and airy feels welcome. The tiles that one chooses should be light in color either in neutral shades of beige or white. Light colours, whether used on walls, floors or tiles, always give a feeling of spaciousness to the room. It is advisable to opt for matte tiles that have a non-slip finish. You can go for a glossy look on the walls as it adds to the glamor of the bathroom by reflecting lots of light. The right choice of tiles will harmoniously unite all the elements of a room. On the other hand, a bad choice could destroy all the harmony of a bathroom.

2. Use a printed wallpaper

It is a misconception that wallpaper cannot be part of a luxury bathroom. Done in the right way, it can have a wonderful effect. You can choose wallpaper for all walls or just one wall to accentuate the impact of this design. Using wallpaper on just one wall makes a very bold impression, especially if you use a print of it. You should be careful not to wallpaper near areas that tend to pick up moisture easily, such as areas near the bathtub, shower fixtures, taps, sink or any other sanitary fixture. A splash of water here or there won’t ruin the fine workmanship you’ve decorated your bathroom with, the reason being that most luxury bathroom wallpapers are vinyl-coated and are specifically for places where there might be some humidity.

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3. Give your bathroom a spa vibe

People usually book a spa when they want to escape the harsh realities of life and relax. A spa is a very comforting sensory experience that can be replicated in the comfort of your home in the bathroom itself. The experience of relaxing in a bubble bath with soothing soft music, indoor plants, soft towels and bathrobes, and dim lighting can transform your bathroom into a professional spa. The wall can be decorated with a large piece of art and wooden accessories to bring a warm feeling to your bathroom. An upholstered chair, scented diffusers, and potpourri can up the comfort level and luxury quotient of your bathroom. Luxe lighting placed next to a vanity mirror gives an inviting and calm look to the bathroom.

4. Choose a luxury bathtub and accessories

If your choice of bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories is right, it automatically gives a luxurious appeal to your bathroom. It is incomplete without a sophisticated wall-mounted toilet, finest quality brass finish and chrome fittings. One of the most essential accessories in a luxurious bathroom is a bathtub. It is not just a necessity but a place for contemplation, relaxation, happiness and healing. If you are lucky enough to be based in the UK, the British copper bath manufacturer lists many options available locally. Some of the common varieties are acrylic, fiberglass, copper, cast iron, porcelain, and concrete. Each of these tubs has its own advantages. Acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs are relatively lighter while copper gives a very old and rich look.

5. Add a luxurious double shower

A double shower is another accessory that adds to the luxury quotient of your bathroom. There are many ways to incorporate a feeling of luxury into your bathroom. You can opt for electric showers that use a cold water supply heated on demand. It is also very energy efficient as it provides hot water instantly heated by an element. Another variety is the mixer showers which mix hot and cold water. Thermostatic showers operate on the ideal temperature that has already been set. These temperatures are then maintained throughout. Digital showers are available in both varieties, electric and mixer tap. These are extremely popular as they have great aesthetic value and fashionable design, and can be installed easily.

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6. Layered Lighting

The lighting you use for your bathroom directly affects the impact it has on the user. Very harsh lighting does not create a relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, if the lighting is too weak, it will not illuminate enough. To overcome these handicaps, layered lighting is the best option. For the best effect, opt for ceiling-mounted light fixtures, a small chandelier or pendant lights. The ambience of the bathroom can be enhanced by using diffused lighting using recessed cove lighting. Use dimmable lighting so it can be adjusted to suit your mood. For your daily routine, task lighting is essential. A horizontal fixture installed just above the mirror will take care of this. The only downside to this light is that it casts a shadow on your face. A pair of sconces on both sides of the mirror will do this. During the day, adequate ventilation and natural light prevail over any other type of artificial light.

Transforming your bathroom into a luxurious abode is now considered an art. With the stress that people face in their daily life, bathscaping has become the latest trend in the world. The right combination of colors, tiles, fixtures, accessories, luxurious Jacuzzi tubs if space permits, and good lighting are just a few ways to turn your bathroom into a haven of relaxation. Opt for comfort and ambience rather than the latest trends because sooner or later they will go out of fashion. Classic finishes add elegance to your bathroom. Follow these six tips we’ve compiled for you and you can soak up the warmth, comfort and luxury of your home spa!

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