What future for housing? Wild Concepts to Consider

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What future for housing?  Wild Concepts to Consider

Each year, approximately 1.43 million new housing starts begin in the United States. With every new home comes new advancements, from smart homes controlled by apps on your phone to homes made entirely from shipping containers.

But what else does the future of housing hold for us? We may not expect to see flying cars and robot butlers, but we can expect to see homes that rely more and more on solar power (just to name a few interesting updates to homes from the future).

We have compiled a list of some future advancements you can expect to see in the housing market. Keep reading to discover wild and less wild concepts.

Environmentally friendly houses

The future of housing is closer than it seems. In fact, the trend of eco-friendly homes is already growing.

Green developments are expected to increase over the next decade. This will happen with solar powered homes.

For existing homes, solar is a more affordable option that continues to make waves. You can save on solar panels with incentives and approvals if you want to go green today.

Homes will go digital

We’ve gone digital and businesses have gone digital, so the next logical step is for homes to go digital.

Connected homes are already part of the present due to various smart devices on the market. Yet, there is still a growth of devices like these for the future.

The devices will be linked via the Internet of Things (IoT). This allows you to operate your home remotely.

This may already sound familiar, but imagine the additional possibilities! Your refrigerator can order your food when your supply is low and much more.

3D printed houses

3D printing offers a unique solution to housing needs across the country. For example, we are currently experiencing a seller’s market, which means that the demand for houses exceeds the supply.

3D printing uses inexpensive materials to provide a home with fully automated production. Construction times are reduced considerably, but the time required to complete depends on the size of the house.

3D printing can also create more bespoke communities.

Living / working houses

Future homes will emphasize living and working environments. Since many businesses rely on remote working, it’s important to consider homes with offices and other attributes.

As more and more entrepreneurs make their way into the world, living/working houses become necessary.

Instead of building a startup out of a basement or garage, you’ll have a dedicated space where you can work.

The future of housing is bright

The future of housing is slowly taking shape before our eyes. It starts with homes focused on using more environmentally friendly home energy.

Sooner or later, homes will be smarter than people by implementing many digital devices. 3D printed homes will become more applicable in housing shortage communities or in built-to-order communities.

Living/working houses will also continue to be popular in the future. If these features are right for you, you have something to look forward to in the years to come.

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