What is a roof deck and when do you need a replacement?

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Finally owning a property is the dream of every hard working adult. But having a house built in its place – this is another achievement that acts as a good stepping stone to welcoming oneself even further into adulthood. After all, it’s not as easy as getting your car or getting a decent job.

Owning a property is an integral part of your life and you decide if you want to give it away or invest even more. However, being an investment, a property will take time and resources to maintain as it is rare for anything to remain completely static. Thus, it is safe to say that reaching this stage could be seen as one step forward and two steps back.

Because as relieving as it is to finally own something, being an owner demands a lot of you. If you don’t get upset about one problem, another will take its place. As a result, new owners are bound to be overwhelmed with the number of responsibilities to take on. Even a feature as neglected as a roof would demand your attention.

Although the roof plays an important role in protecting your home, it is usually out of the way since it is high up. So unless you diligently keep a list of the things you need to maintain around your home, it’s easy to forget about everything related to the roof. For this reason, the more you neglect it, the more it is bound to wear out. Therefore, you may want to consider a terrace roof.

What is a rooftop terrace?

A roof can’t do its job well if it’s just a hodgepodge of shingles, wood and nails. What you need is a structure to bring these materials together and turn them into something that can ensure your home is well protected. For that to happen, that’s where the roof terrace comes in.

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Roof decking (also called sheathing) ensures that the roof remains structurally sound. Since it is sandwiched between structural components of the roof such as trusses or joists, insulations and waterproofing layers, you can probably imagine how constantly stressed it is.

Therefore, it goes without saying what impact it would leave on the entire roof structure if neglected for too long. Because not only will it be unattractive to passers-by, but it also threatens the entire structure of the house. Fortunately, a roof replacement service includes roof decking as one of their areas of expertise. It is therefore not so difficult to find someone who can replace him once the need arises.

Signs you need a replacement

Since replacing is different from just repairing, you’re probably wondering how you’ll get to this point. After all, only reacting once there’s a big gaping hole in the middle of the roof is inadvisable, considering how many layers the source has to go through before leaving that much damage. So before that happens, keep an eye out for anything that means the roof decking needs to be replaced.

1. water stains

Considering that they are mostly made of wood, roofs have a common enemy: water. Unfortunately, with the rain coming and going as it pleases, excess moisture builds up inside. And that moisture will be enough to weaken the structural integrity of the roofing system.

On a more positive note, water cannot damage your home without showing some visual signs first. In this case, dark water stains often remain. Since the attic isn’t the cleanest place in the house, combining the dampness with the dust present in the area will be a bad reminder of what you should have paid more attention to. Unless you’re just applying a fresh coat of paint over the stains, replacing the entire roof deck will save you from future water damage.

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2. Mold

As mentioned earlier, water is wood’s worst enemy from start to finish. However, in addition to leaving stains, the collection of additional moisture causes the wood to rot. Once that happens, that rotting wood serves as the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Since mold thrives in damp areas, it tends to frequent attics and sabotage roofing systems. In addition, due to the humidity that there is during summers, the heat catalyzes the acceleration of mold growth. Considering how harmful it is to the human body, growing this mushroom in your own home will not “boost” your immunity, or boost your health. All it does is cause multiple respiratory problems – or worse, death.

Mold is child’s play. Because although there are many types, they all have a discoloration that can be an eyesore on your ceiling. Therefore, it is easy to spot it. Apart from the visual clues, mold gives off a distinctive musty smell, which will be more distinct once you open a window to let in some fresh air. The difference between the two scents will be day and night.

Although you can contact mold cleanup services to handle it, the damage persists. It is therefore best to replace the interior roof system, including the roof deck. This way you will be sure that there is no more risk of mould.

3. Sagging ceiling

In addition to rotting it, what water does to wood is weaken its integrity. Since the roof deck is mostly made of wood, soaking it in water will warp it. And this will lead to a curved or wavy roof line and ceiling. Considering the weight that the roof deck must bear, letting it buckle further threatens the entire roofing system. So as soon as you see the slightest drop in the ceiling, replacing it should be your next course of action.

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4. cracks of light

If you live somewhere with a colder climate, you might be wondering if warmer seasons are safer for your roof deck. However, just because there’s no moisture doesn’t mean your roof is tape-free. Because, besides water, extreme heat can also affect wood when it leaves cracks everywhere. Therefore, once you see light shining through your roof deck, it’s time to replace your roof.

5. Increase in the energy bill

Whether due to humidity or high temperatures, they are likely to damage the roof in their own way. Due to this damage, the roof deck weakens. Once that happens, it won’t be strong enough to support any of your insulating or waterproof layers, rendering them ineffective.

So if you’re wondering why your thermostat isn’t working despite setting the correct indoor temperature, it’s because of the damage it has. Therefore, instead of letting your energy bills rise, it is better to take the initiative and have your roof decking replaced after inspection. This way, not even a coin will be wasted for acting first.


Being a landlord is hard work. Because apart from having responsibilities outside your home, many await you once you return. And one of those responsibilities is knowing how your roof decking is doing. After all, given its importance, it requires as much attention as any part of the house. However, figuring out when you should repair and replace it can be confusing. Luckily, there are signs you can watch out for to make your job easier.

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