What Paint Goes With a Brown Roof: Bring the Colors Outside

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What Paint Goes With a Brown Roof: Bring the Colors Outside

The exterior of the house is the introduction to your interior, your style and your personality as a whole. You’d probably want the perfect result, and nothing can get you there better than the right color pairing. Today we bring to your attention the popular brown roof, a go-to option for any style, ensuring a majestic look that radiates confidence. No less important is the integration of the house into the exterior background, and the brown looks perfect due to its nature-inspired features.

Al clear with the roof. If you have a wider range of possibilities when it comes to the trim and the front door, the walls of the house need the utmost attention when we talk about a perfect paint color to pair with the brown roof. Let’s start with you! Do you want a timeless and traditional or resolutely contemporary exterior? A single color choice can take any of these directions. Let’s dive into the color palettes of renowned manufacturers and find the right paint color to define the personality of your home!

Perfect Matches for Brown Roof

  • Stone colors with warm shades: brown, cream, beige, orange, yellow;
  • The full range of brick colors: brown, red, yellow, orange;
  • Muted paint colors;
  • Warm shades of cream, chocolate brown, beige.

Path SW 7638 Joggers by Sherwin-Williams

A popular shade of greige with exquisite warm undertones that fits impressively into different styles. The combination of gray and khaki scents behind the beige base give this pretty paint color a standout appearance that changes depending on the colors you use it with. The decidedly contrasting brown roof would beautifully highlight its unique composition that doesn’t shy away from a natural sense of neutrality.

Alpaca SW 7022 by Sherwin-Williams

Not far from the previous shade is this greige variation that leans towards the taupe side and leads the top of this brand’s exterior paint colors. It may seem like a few hints of purple permeate the surface of this paint color depending on the accent shades and lighting conditions. This color variation looks like a drop of brown diluted with lots of water, making it a perfect complement to the brown roof.

Sherwin-Williams SW 6186 Dried Thyme

This muted variation of medium to dark green is a must-have natural companion for an earthy brown roof. Its lightly perceived khaki and gray shades provide the exterior with a contemporary look that blends amazingly into the natural background. In addition, particular lighting conditions bring specific effects. For example, this paint color instantly acquires a pleasantly warm look on a sunny day.

Landes by Dulux

Following the same line of ideas, we would like to refer to another fabulous shade of green with gray undertones and subtle hints of softness for a fresh exterior that impresses with its inviting sense due to the associated color play. Whether it’s a traditional or modern design, the fresh and soft touch of this paint color will contrast beautifully with the brown roof for an irreplaceable result.

Tea room by Dulux

This dark gray-green paint color is a real find for bold brown roofs. The contrast between the two variations gives a remarkable result that you can only admire. Particularly relevant for modern exteriors but no less appropriate for traditional approaches, this combination is a perfect choice for creative minds looking for a home exterior full of personality.

Speaking of muted shades, you can safely opt for this trendy color of navy blue which is known to pair exceptionally well with brown. Discreet, at the same time unique, the exterior of your home will shine like never before and impress with its balanced sense of style. From bright brown shades to dark earthy variations, contrast the maritime background in a way that suits your taste.

The popular shade of greige with a light base and slightly perceived warm scents is perfect for more neutral exteriors. It should be noted that this paint color behaves differently in particular lighting conditions, although the mix of gray and beige makes it a great partner for a brown roof. You can either keep it simple with a balanced brown roof or consider a bolder variation of this type to enrich your exterior with uniqueness.

This off-white hue works especially for trim; no matter what paint color you choose for the walls of the house, the refined blend of lightly perceived hints of gray and beige soften the transition from the brown roof to the base hue. Generally speaking, designers don’t place much emphasis on light shades when looking for a matching partner for a brown roof. Still, the trim seems just right.

Antique White SW 6119 by Sherwin-Williams

More intense than the previous shade, this variation of white enriched with vintage notes and an exceptionally attractive look is suitable for larger accent pieces, such as shutters. It should be noted that this is the perfect option if you still decide to go for a light matching paint color for the exterior walls. Again, this shade is on trend and you will surely keep it stylish.

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